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Headline News 07/04/2021


  • France Needs to Get its Priorities Straight
  • Erdogan Turns on his Navy
  • Bread and Circus in Egypt


France Needs to Get its Priorities Straight

France banned veils in public schools in 2004, now the French Senate has voted to ban the hijab for anyone under 18-years old. The move was proposed on March 30, 2021 falling under the proposed Separation Bill. In addition, mothers who wear the Hijab will be prohibited from accompanying school field trips and burkinis would be banned at public swimming pools. France is currently struggling with a political system that's broken, its economy has been hijacked by an oligarchy and the country has seen the failure of its regime to tackle the Covid pandemic. With all these problems France is focused on a mere 3% of its population who apparently pose a bigger problem than all the other issues the nation is engulfed by.

Erdogan Turns on his Navy

Turkish authorities detained 10 retired admirals who had signed, along with 94 other former high-ranking military personnel, a statement expressing their concern about actions that could infringe on an 85-year-old maritime accord called the Montreux Convention. The arrest of the admirals is the latest act in Erdogan’s crackdown of dissent. While it is unlikely that Turkey will withdraw from the Montreux Convention, the issue has become a fresh point of friction between Erdogan and Turkey’s military leaders, who have long been at odds.

Bread and Circus in Egypt

With his rule in chaos, and the recent multiple crisis in Egypt, the Sisi regime created its own bread and circus this week by a procession of the country’s ancient rulers through the capital, Cairo. In a country where the youth have no jobs and poverty at over 30% the lavish, multimillion-dollar spectacle saw 22 mummies - 18 kings and four queens - transported from the peach-coloured, neo-classical Egyptian Museum to their new resting place 5km away.

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