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H.  22 Rajab 1439 No: H.T.L 12/39
M.  Monday, 09 April 2018

 Press Release
The Colonists Openly Declare their Support for the Corrupt Political Power

The Cedar Conference (Paris 4) was held in France, which resulted in the support of the current government politically through promises to grant Lebanon more than $10 billion. This conference was held a month before the parliamentary elections in Lebanon. After the conference, the White House issued a statement explicitly declaring its support for the current government, praising the progress of the Lebanese government led by Prime Minister Saad Hariri in addressing the pressing challenges. The White House also welcomed the plans of the Lebanese government to strengthen its economy through the capital investment plan and its commitment to implement the necessary reforms.

The far-off knows that the promises of reforms are empty promises, and they are promises made by the leaders of the political militias in Lebanon since it was founded by the French colonizer. Corruption in Lebanon is widespread and growing. Does any sane person believe that these promises are sincere promises?! And that the colonists believe such words?!

The convening of the Cedar Conference a month before the elections and the speech of the American president proves the fact that the colonizer is the one who controls the country through his control of political power and those who manipulate it, and that he is also the one who controls the management of sensitive services, like the economic and security services. Thus, America has settled the outcome of the elections before it was obtained and strengthened in advance the political team that satisfies it.

Here, we address the people Lebanon:

Has it not become clear for you that those who claim to represent you are only puppets driven from abroad? One is moved by Iran which is led by America, and one is moved by Saudi Arabia which is led by America, and others are moved by France, Britain and America directly without intermediaries. They declared at Cedar Conference their support for this corrupt and corruptive political authority, and thus decided the outcome of the elections in advance. And before them, the advocates of politics resolved the elections internally by developing a new law to preserve their interests and their control over the country with a small margin for some "independent" movements to reach the House of Representatives in order to deceive the people that there is opposition within it. So why then participate in the game of elections?!

People of Lebanon!

Your participation in the elections is part of a crime initiated by political and militia leaders in Lebanon. You must boycott these elections and not participate in this crime or give any kind of legitimacy to the current political class. The boycott is an opposing political position, not only for the political class but also for the corrupt sectarian political system. It is a political position in opposition to the colonizer who created this monstrous regime that has continued to spread hatred and racism among the people of the country.

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