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H.  23 Muharram 1440 No: 1440 / 01
M.  Wednesday, 03 October 2018

The Spread of the West Nile Fever
is another Face of the Politics of Neglect in Tunisia

The level of neglect of the health and environmental situation in Tunisia has reached its lowest, and the spread of various kinds of mosquitoes, insects, and stray dogs has become common in all cities. The country has been threatened with epidemics and contagious illnesses, which are not usually see except in ravaged countries due to wars and famine, and this only happened when collecting the garbage and removing the swamps has become a luxury the civil and agreed government cannot afford! Rather, the mountains of garbage became a source of income for many families due to poverty and marginalization as decided by the Western Crusaders for our country implemented by the sinning hands!!

As such, it was announced that deaths caused by the West Nile Fever will be preliminary recorded after victims have been confirmed from several cities. Consequently, the voices of officials started to rise in demand of quickly treating the stagnant water and the swamps spread in the valleys in order to avoid an escalation of the situation.

The calamity hitting this country is the outdated ruling class; it solves unemployment and poverty by forming political parties, parliamentary tourism, and senseless statements being advertised on media platforms working for the colonial operations…

The real plague hitting Tunisia, which is still crushing its children and resources, is its agent government and its failing and foolish politics. All it cares about is protecting the interests of the foreign companies and their local agents from the giants of import and smuggling, and protecting their present and future positions of power. Treating this political plague should be via getting rid of this politics and those supervising it, and returning the Sultan to the Ummah so that it willingly chooses who governs it and takes care of its affairs with what aligns with its creed and civilization.

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