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H.  20 Safar 1439 No: HTY- 01/1439
M.  Thursday, 09 November 2017

 Press Release
The Conflict in Yemen is Exacerbated at the Expense of the Lives and Livelihoods of Yemenis!!

Yemen is witnessing a bloody conflict between the parties to the local conflict with the support of regional countries. This conflict serves the Kufr countries conflicting in Yemen, especially the Anglo-American conflict in the country of Iman and wisdom over influence and wealth with its local and regional instruments. All of this was revealed by Hizb ut Tahrir since the first events and it is no longer hidden from every follower politician. The Saudi war in Yemen is nearly three years old, and the longer it lasts, the more its real purpose manifest as opposed to what Saudi Arabia claims to be its reasons, whereby it misleads and deceives the public opinion in Yemen and in other Muslim countries. The dispute between Saudi Arabia and the Emirates, which is involved with it, began to appear to the public, making the purpose of the alleged coalition reflects the race to control the country and its wealth in the service of the conflicting countries on Yemen and especially in the South. Saudi Arabia serves America’s policy through its actions and war, and despite what it shows from the declaration of war on the Houthis and standing with the so – legitimacy, however, the Houthis more powerful and penetrating in the state and its institutions day by day, while Hadi and his government becoming weaker and more vulnerable so became like a captive in the hands of Saudi Arabia. This is no wonder, since Hadi and his government are loyal to the English, while the Houthis are supported by America to become a force in Yemen, fighting by it what it calls "terrorism" and giving the role of its sponsorship to Saudi Arabia instead of Iran.

This is the reality of the conflict in Yemen; an Anglo-American international conflict, whether in Sana'a, Aden or other parts of the country. In Sanaa, there is a conflict between the apparent allies, the Houthis and Ali Saleh. The Houthis are working to reduce Saleh's wing and trim his nails, while the pro-American South movement in Aden works to weaken the pro-British Hadi wing. Thus, the role of UAE which is loyal to Britain comes, to work in containing the secessionist southern movement and besides that work with all cunning in recycling Ali Saleh's wing.

So, even if it shows that it is hostile to Hadi's wing, which the reformist party has penetrated as the Brotherhood's wing in Yemen, then intention in that is to harass Saudi Arabia and to thwart the solution presented by America and achieved by Saudi Arabia in order to exclude Ali Saleh’s wing, which crowds the Houthis and sticks to them despite their actions through which they work to break the partnership with it in their political council and their variant government. Also, it is no secret that UAE in turn tries to convince Saudi Arabia on the need to involve Ali Saleh’s wing in the solution and work with him because he possesses a coherent moderate wing. Ali Saleh has said in his recent speech that Hadi, his Deputy Ali Mohsen and Prime Minister Ahmed Obeid bin Daghr all are his merchandise!! In fact, they are with Ali Saleh are British loyal merchandise, and this is a covert threat to the agents of America, whether Saudi or Houthis, its content is that the day will come when we resolve our differences and unite, thus the issue is not Yemeni -Yemeni, according to Ali Saleh, but a Saudi -Yemeni in which Saudi bears the consequences.

Saudi Arabia has announced 40 leaders of the Houthis - without Ali Saleh’s wing - as wanted and has put millions of dollars in prizes for those who provide information about them, although the reality is not so.

First, these leaders are present and their activities are visible and not hidden. They attend events, manage business, strengthening the morale of the fronts and graduating recruits, all that is not concealed, but takes place in broad daylight. Then secondly, it wants to make the people assemble around them, while referring to Ali Saleh and his wing as not been targeted by Saudi Arabia, although Ali Saleh is inciting against Saudi Arabia and is working for the failure of its understandings with the Houthis in Dhahran the South and the truce agreement that took place earlier.

As for the events in Aden and the disturbances and explosions that it witnesses, they are also part of the Anglo-American conflict there. The southern separatist movement, loyal to America, has begun to undermine the pro-British Hadi government and wants to impose its authority in the South and in Aden in particular, with bombings, clashes, acts of violence and assassinations.

This is the reality of the conflict in Yemen away from the sectarian slogans and regional strife that surfaced from time to time and which are meant to mix the papers and mislead Muslims about the truth of what is happening and who is causing it.

These conflicts have destroyed the people of Yemen and their country. The country and its people have been consumed by war and murder, the destruction of infrastructure, the disruption of basic interests, the siege, the suspension of salaries and schools, the spread of diseases and discords (fitnah), the overpricing and the manipulation of the prices of oil derivatives and people's living and the devaluation of the local currency. Until the country became at the mercy of the US dollar, which the rivals chanted against, and which plunged the country into a vortex of war racing the English influence there.

O people of Yemen! The correct solution that removes the misery and despair that is brought to you by the conflicting parties is by your return to the Sharia and refer legislation to it, not to the United Nations, which steals funds under your name in the international forums.

And that the work for your salvation from what you are in is one the great obligations, and this will be a practical reality only with your work to establish the authority of Islam, which expresses your Iman under the shade of the righteous Khilafah (Caliphate) on the method of the Prophethood, by which thwarting the schemes of the colonists and cutting off the hands of the conspirators are achieved. It is to this the doctrine of Islam and the honor of wisdom that we remind you with call upon you, and to this Hizb ut Tahrir invites you.

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