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H.  11 Jumada II 1440 No: HTY- 1440 / 09
M.  Saturday, 16 February 2019

 Press Release
The Foreign Minister of Hadi’s Government Sitting with the Jewish Entity
A Shameful Betrayal Rejected by the General People of Yemen

In an unprecedented move that does not reflect the attitude of the people of Yemen hostile to the Jewish entity occupying the land of Palestine, the Foreign Minister of the Government of Hadi, Khaled al-Yamani has been sitting beside the Prime Minister of the Jewish entity Benjamin Netanyahu at the conference held in the Polish capital Warsaw for the second consecutive day. The conference is on the Middle East, and takes place with the participation of Arab and Western countries, and the "confrontation" of Iran comes at the top of its agenda, according to the claim of the conferee.

Th Minister of Foreign Affairs, in Hadi’s government, Khaled al-Yamani has tried to justify this shameful and humiliating position after the indignation of the general Yemeni people against his attitude and their disapproval of it, saying on his Twitter page that "The stance of Yemen and President Hadi on the Palestinian issue and its people and leadership is firm and non-negotiable. This was manifested in his excellency’s directions when I led the Arab move in the United Nations to confront the encroachment on Jerusalem. The reason for attending the meeting in Warsaw was not to discuss the Palestinian issue but to mobilise the international community to confront the Iranian expansion in Yemen”.

The treacherous attitude of normalization with the Jewish entity, the usurper of the Land of Palestine, is a betrayal of Allah, His Messenger and the believers. And these agents do not represent the people of Yemen, the people of Iman and wisdom, who are thirsty for jihad against the criminal Jewish entity and they only lack the sincere leadership that leads them to liberate Palestine and uproot the Jews of the usurper of first of the two Qibla, and the third of the two Holy Mosques.

These agents have no decision over their own affairs, but rather follow the orders of their masters from the colonial disbelievers. They approach America in order to put pressure on its tools; the Houthis and the Iranians, by their normalization with the Jewish entity. They do not know that by doing so they increase the account of Iran and its Houthi followers, both inside Yemen and in the region, as they portray Iran and its followers to be real enemies of the Jewish entity, although Iranian officials say there is no hostility between them and the Jewish entity and declare that their slogans "Death to America and Death to Israel" are phase slogans and that they do not mean jihad against America or against the Jewish entity.

This fact has been manifested more than once, the most recent was by the statements made by Iran Foreign Minister Mohammad Jawad Zarif in an interview with the French magazine Point Le, where he denied the accusations that his country seeks to eliminate the Jewish entity, and wondered, "When did we announce that we will destroy Israel", stressing that his country never said it would wipe out the Jewish entity from the map, and in this regard, he said: "When did we declare that we would destroy Israel?" Show me one Iranian official who said so. No one said it”.

It is very strange the silence of the parties and bodies claiming to be Islamic, who are silent on these shameful treachery positions of the Foreign Minister of the Hadi’s Government. Where are the scholars in Yemen of Iman and wisdom and where are the preachers?! Or are these people became revolving around with the agents wherever they revolve and justify their crimes against the Deen and the Ummah?!

The liberation of Palestine is not achieved through condemnations, protests or demonstrations, but rather through the mobilization of armies to uproot the Jewish entity. We appeal to the people of power in Yemen, from tribes, army commanders and officers to direct their fight against the Jewish entity instead of fighting among themselves to achieve the plans of the colonial disbelievers, and to distance themselves from these conflicting agents from all parties who lead them to destruction, disgrace and betrayal.

The rulers of Saudi Arabia, and the rulers of the Emirates and other traitorous rulers are drawing Hadi’s government to normalize with the Jewish entity to satisfy America, in return for America pressing Iran and limiting its influence in Yemen and the region. America also wants to divert the battle of the Ummah from an existential battle with the Jewish entity to a battle among each other under the name of fighting Iran and limiting its influence so as to pass the malevolent “deal of the century” which is doomed to failure, with Allah’s permission... Muslims must be aware of the schemes of the enemies and work to thwart them by working for the radical change, which brings them back one body and raise them again, by establishing the second Khilafah Rashidah (righteous Caliphate) state on the method of the Prophethood, which restores to the Muslims their dignity, preserves their honours, liberates their sanctities and removes the entity of those who are cursed, and cuts off the hands of the Kuffar from their country, and restrain the hands of the foolish agents. And that is no great matter for Allah.

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