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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

A Long Hand of the Ruling Regimes in the Muslim Countries to Corrupt and Secularize the Family!


When we talk about the family, we are talking about the nucleus that makes up the society, and therefore, any corruption or malfunction that affects this nucleus will be reflected on the society and the state as a whole, let alone talking about the process of systematic corruption of this nucleus, and what if this corruption is done under the hearing of the state and its eyesight, rather, it has a long hand in it, which is tangible in the Muslim countries. The ruling regimes have spared no effort in the secularization and corruption of the family and the Muslim society to satisfy their masters, Americans and Europeans, and in order to achieve this they spent vast sums of money, and worked to implement this through several means and methods, among which:

1. The enactment and importation of laws and legislations that contravene the provisions of Islam in the area of the so-called "Personal Status": After the destruction of the Khilafah (Caliphate) and the absence of Islam as a governing system, many of the provisions became absent with it from the reality of life, and the Muslims remained with no applied legislations from their own religion except in aspects of worship and the laws of "Personal Status". But the enemies of Islam did not allow even these to remain, so they tried to detach from them the lives of Muslims. So, they made their agents in the Muslims countries to enact a system of laws and legislations contrary to Islam and its social system, and adopt the Western view. In Tunisia, for example, Bourguiba enacted the Personal Status Code in 1956, in which he swerved from the Shariah rulings and falsely claimed that it did not violate the Islamic law and that it is derived from its spirit and its provisions although it is based in most of its laws on the French law, and contains a series of laws that are contrary to the definite Shariah rulings. Examples of which are many such as: neglecting the difference of religion as a contravening of marriage in accordance with international human rights law, which stipulates that "Men and women of full age, without any limitation due to race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry and to found a family”, and such as the prohibition of polygamy and the punishment of the husband who practices polygamy according to chapter 18, as well as the violation of the Islamic rule in adoption. And then came his grandchildren after him and completed the march of corruption in the social aspect, and they dared to Allah’s rulings, enacting laws contrary to the explicit provisions of Islam, where new laws were enacted in the era of El-Sebsi allowing the marriage of a Muslim woman to a non-Muslim man. Recently, the president of the Commission for Individual Freedoms and Equality, in the Presidency of the Republic of Tunisia, Bouchra Belhaj Hamida, announced that the committee began to propose a law that would include naming both husband and wife as legal heads of the family, and abolition of the dowry in the marriage contract, where she considered it an insult to women, as well as the issue of equality between men and women in inheritance which is currently being raised.

In Egypt and Saudi Arabia, it is sought to determine a specific age for marriage. Also in Saudi Arabia, amendments have been made to the system of male guardianship “Wilayah” over women, and the examples in this context are many, but there is no room for them to mention.


2. Recreational activities and events (entertainment industry): entertainment programs have become one of the most common methods of introducing secularism and corruption to Muslim families. This comes under the pretext of alleviating the pressures of life, supporting and developing talents, as well as talking about achieving economic revenue and material profits for the people from these programs. Corruption programs and activities that clash with Islamic values ​​and promote Western values are being established in the Muslim countries. They seek through which to spread vice and abomination among Muslims, which involves mixing between men and women and revealing of Awrahs and other evils under the guise of modernity and openness.

Saudi Arabia, for example, which is witnessing a systematic westernization and secularization campaign executed directly by the state to appease America, has announced a plan in the field of the Saudi economic transformation, which among its pillars was the "Culture and Entertainment " sector and investment in the tourism sector. Thus, according to the stated figures, the "National Vision" targets doubling family spending on culture and entertainment within the Kingdom from 2.9% to 6%. In this context, the Entertainment Authority was introduced in line with Vision 2030 presented by Mohammed bin Salman to legitimize and legalize all acts of corruption and decadence in Saudi Arabia. Thus, the Haram became Halal by the sheikhs of Al Saud after years of repression and deprivation, especially with regard to women, and the evil (Munkar) became good (Ma’aroof) by the Entertainment Authority under the slogan of openness. So, it organizes performances, festivals, artistic and musical concerts, and supervises the establishment of cinemas, opening of the Opera House, organizing women's fashion, allowing women to attend football matches, and holding mixed male and female concerts.

Many events and programs of corruption are also organized in the Muslim countries with the support and approval of the State although they are not directly organized by it, such as talent programs (dance, singing and acting) which are broadcasted by the media, as well as the activities organized by non-governmental bodies and institutions.


3. The educational system and the curricula: the concept of family and the relationship between its members has been afflicted by what afflicted the rest of the concepts and ideas of corruption and attempt to secularize them under an educational policy that is not based on Islam, and seeks to destroy the Islamic culture in the hearts of Muslim children. This is clearly reflected in the constant changes conducted by the governing regimes on educational curricula in response to the orders of their masters, where we believe that these amendments make their focus the concepts of women rights and their equality with men, which is a broad title that has recently carried within it sub-themes such as women's self-realization, self-proving herself in the community and getting rid of man's hegemony. As a result, education and access to employment became a priority over marriage and the establishment of a family for many girls. Early marriage was also fought in these amendments within this framework. Also, among the topics addressed were women's reproductive health, the need for birth control and the reduction of family size and the number of its members. Within this frame, we find them divide families into nuclear (small size) and extended (large size), praising nuclear families and dispraising extended families, and consider large families as "traditional" families while families with few members as "modern". This is shown in the images they put for the family, especially in primary grades, comparing two pictures, one of which is old (the picture of the extended family) and another is modern (the picture of the small family).

To make matters worse, they replaced pictures of veiled mothers and grandmothers in pictures they put for the family, with other pictures showing non-veiled women dressed in western-style clothes and wearing cosmetics, as in the recent changes to school curricula in 2016 in Jordan and Palestine, as well as pictures of men whose beards were shaved that replaced pictures of bearded men. In this way it is linked in the minds of these children that the ideal family is a small-size family, and that seeing illegitimate offenses and revealing Awrahs in their family is normal; rather, it is urbanization!

In the context of children, the child's rights and freedom to choose his actions are emphasized, and even if the parents want to prevent their children from doing something, or if they are subjected to violence by them, they can resort to police or human rights organizations. This is an invitation to children to disobey their parents, and it is a fight to the concept of guardianship (Qiwamah) and care from the Shari’ viewpoint.


4. Support and facilitate the work of local and international human and women rights organizations that seek to corrupt the Muslim family, which carry out their activities under the guise of women 's rights and children' s rights, so they infiltrate schools and universities, disseminating poisonous ideas among its students, and organizing destructive and harmful activities and events to the family and society. They enter homes and promote birth control programs to limit the family under the slogan of women's health and safety, fight polygamy and early marriage, and combat the concept of guardianship under the banner of women's rights, self-realization and autonomy, preventing men control and hegemony over her.

5. Ratify and accede to international conventions that target the social system in Islam, including the subject of marriage and family, such as CEDAW Convention, which terms call for the freedom to establish prohibited relations between young men and women under the pretext of personal freedom. It also calls for the absolute equality between men and women, the abolition of marriage in accordance with the provisions of the Islamic Shariah and the adoption of civil marriage, and calls for the abolition of the father's guardianship (Wilayah) over his children, especially females, and other matters that violate the provisions of Islam .

These were some of the methods and means used by the ruling regimes in the Muslim countries to corrupt the Muslim family in an attempt to secularize it; hence, to secularize the Muslim countries as a whole. This requires a serious stand by every sincere and keen Muslim for his Deen and Ummah to foil these schemes and evils. And requires them to work sincerely and earnestly to bring the state that governs us by the book of our Lord, nurtures our affairs, and preserves our societies and families. This state is the second Khilafah Rashidah (righteous Caliphate) State on the method of the Prophethood, which is the promise of our Lord Almighty, and the glad tiding of our Messenger (saw).

Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by

Bara’ah Manasrah

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