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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Al-Rayah Newspaper
Coronavirus Epidemic and the European Union

Will the Virus Destroy it? Or Will They Escalate to the Extreme Right? What Will Happen to the Muslims and What Should They Do?

By: Mr. As’ad Mansour

This epidemic has really affected Europe as it affected others, perplexing its countries because of the speed of its spread and their inability to face it, feeling helpless towards it. That is why, even though they are secular, they have taken refuge in religion, and they have allowed the Muslims to chant the call to prayer from loudspeakers in the skies of their major cities, but when the crisis ends their exploitation of religion will end. Especially since they did not issue laws in favor of Muslims, they are rather temporary decisions. Therefore, their policy towards Muslims will not be subject to major change. Even the simplest rights of Muslims, such as the Sharii’ dress code of their women, the Sharii’ slaughter and the call to prayer are still being restricted. But a reduction in hostility towards them was observed to a certain degree.

When the ultra-nationalists in Germany saw Muslims interacting and providing aid to people during the crisis, they said: "Muslims are taking advantage of the Corona crisis." But these people’s voices were low, and they were unable to act, present ideas and solutions, or carry out actions for their people, so they cast their hatred and envy on Muslims, and this is the only focus in their work, as they are intellectually and politically bankrupt. Therefore, they could not undertake a role or give a solution, and their popularity declined, so the prospect of their rise became weak, and this is noticed throughout Europe, as if they hid behind the current procedures of the governments for their deficits, as well as waiting the opportunity for the governments failure and for troubles to occur so that they rise. The popularity of the ruling party has increased, especially in Germany; So far, he was able to manage the crisis by providing health services and financial aid to the affected people, and preventing the monopoly of commodities and their high prices. The only people aiding them and do a lot of work, especially medical services, including doctors and nurses are the young Muslims.

The Corona virus has become a test for the European Union to show the extent of its cohesion and resilience. On 26/3/2020, French President Macron said, “What's at stake is the survival of the European project... The risk we are facing is the death of Schengen.”

“From my point of view, the European Union faces the biggest test since its foundation, we face a major health challenge that affects all countries, even if differently, the important thing is that the bloc comes out strongly from the economic crisis caused by the virus," German Chancellor Merkel said on April 7 2020.

Those two leaders of the European Union warn of its downfall, and as a Union it failed to deal with this crisis, that it was unable to set joint plans binding on everyone to achieve cooperation and solidarity. Rather, they closed their borders in the face of each other, and confidence in the Schengen Agreement was shaken; the Open Frontier and the Freedom of Movement and Trade Agreement. They accused each other of non-cooperation, every country began to think about itself and prevent others from the medical devices. Selfishness appeared in its ugly image, it is indeed inherent in them as capitalists, and no agreement would ever remove it, so the Italians called for leaving the Union. Hence, the Union’s instability was natural, because it is a fragile Union.

The Union might not fall now due to their need for aid, but that implanted a new mine of distrust which made it now subject to collapse, while it still suffers from the shock of Brexit. It is difficult for it to become a Union in the true sense after the Coronavirus crisis, so their concern has become to preserve what they achieved, such as the Schengen Agreement. It was unable to make significant progress towards the unity of political decision in common internal and external policies, for example, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic rejected the Union's decision to share refugees in 2015-2016. And they still falter in building a European army.

This is a period of respite for the Union, if it does not rush to save its badly damaged countries, its fate will be in the abyss. That is why the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez warned on April 5, 2020, saying: "The current circumstances are exceptional and call for firm positions, either we rise to the level of this challenge or we will fail as a Union... We have reached a critical juncture in which even the most pro-union countries and governments, as is the case in Spain, need a real testament to the Union's commitment to it... The challenge we face is exceptional and unprecedented, it calls for a single, unified, radical, and ambitious response to preserve our economic and social system and protect our citizens.”

All this is linked to the leaders of the Union, France and Germany. Knowing that France was badly damaged, its Finance Minister Bruno Lemerre said on April 6 2020: "France will likely witness its worst economic downturn since the Second World War, far exceeding the contraction rate of 2.2% in 2009 after the global financial crisis in 2008... And will shrink by 1% growth this year.” However, France wants to prove its leadership of the Union, so its president expressed France's willingness to provide aid to Italy, which criticized European governments, led by France and Germany, for not responding to the provision of masks and other medical equipment. He said: "We will not overcome this crisis Without strong European solidarity at the health and financial levels," and called for the launch of a joint loan between the entire European Union to cope with the coronavirus, while Germany opposes any assembly of debt, and wants something else to control Europe.

Europe was devastated in World War II, so America launched the Marshall Plan to flow its money and companies to Europe, but it paid a big price for that, namely, that Europe fell under American hegemony, which it has not yet disposed of. But America is now unable to help Europe, as it will struggle to save itself after the crisis caused by the epidemic is over, and success is not guaranteed to it. It had previously launched its slogan “America First” and declared trade war on Europe and others to save itself from the repercussions of the financial crisis in 2008.

There is a possibility that Germany will be the least affected financially and loss of lives, it has a huge financial balance and great industrial capabilities, so if it directs its money and companies towards European countries more than it is doing now. It will be an opportunity for Germany’s hegemony over Europe and it’s becoming a major world power, which it has been seeking towards for years, but this is linked to the awareness of politicians, their courage and proper actions.

Nevertheless, Capitalism is about to fall and its countries are shattered. Germany will not save it even if it ascends, and it is untrustworthy for the Europeans and others because of its black Nazi history. What remains is only the great and correct Islamic ideology; There is an opportunity for the Muslim Ummah to take off, but there is a major obstacle that must be removed, which is the regimes and the ones in charge of them, as they only want to be associated with the major colonial countries. If one falls, they follow the next! As for now, we rely on the sincere, conscious and Islamic political parties that have crystallized the ideas of Islam and devised its constitution, outlined its systems, administrative and governance mechanisms and ways of application, and prepared men who characterize as statesmen. The responsibility rests with every Muslim who belongs to this Ummah that Allah (swt) has entrusted with the duty of saving humanity, by working with these loyal workers to establish the Khilafah Rashidah (rightly guided Caliphate) on the method of Prophethood that will actually perform this task on their behalf and with them.

Source: Al-Rayah Newspaper Edition 284, Published on 29/04/2020

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