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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Press Release Blood Shed: Who Is To Blame?

The two explosions that rocked the cities of Mombasa and Nairobi last weekend that left a total of six people dead and scores injured was a very sad incident. This is almost the 80th from the series of explosions incidents since the KDF (Kenya Defense Forces) engaged the Al-Shabaab in 2011 in Somalia. It is so sad that innocent lives are lost and blood continues to be shed; because of these incidents, the Islamic political movement Hizb ut Tahrir / East Africa would like to note as follows:

Whenever these incidents and their likes occur, fingers are pointed to Muslims even before proper investigations are carried out and what follows after is a series of police raids resulting to lots of Muslims being arrested. What is saddening about the whole exercise is how the Muslims are mishandled and oppressed with no even slight respite. A sad example as reported by nairobinews.nation.co.ke, a baby of six months died because the mother was unavailable to give care as she had been nabbed and locked at Kasarani during the ongoing police operation dubbed "Usalama Watch". These police units including the ATPU (Anti-Terror Police Unit) practice extrajudicial executions with total disregard of both the laws called Kenyan laws and international law. They go to an extent of even ignoring court verdicts claiming that terrorists were left scorch free after bail and surety submission, something even strongly opposed by Judge DK Maraga on April 24th 2009 on his ruling on the Kiambaa Church incident during the post-elections violence when he blasted the police and the prosecution for their shoddy work blaming the judiciary. This clearly shows lack of evidence on the accused and also their hypocritical call for rule of law and independent judiciary.

It is clear that insecurity in Kenya went to greater heights particularly after operation "LINDA NCHI" carried by the KDF in Somalia. After the deployment of the KDF in Somalia, numerous reports went on air claiming that the forces have captured Alshabaab's strong holds. The question is: Why are innocent Kenyans still being killed? We clearly understand to what extend insecurity is in Somalia but it is not true that military excavation will bring permanent peace in Somalia because already foreign forces from the west i.e. America and France and from other nations are in Somalia and still permanent peace has not been attained. The root cause of lack of peace in Somalia is the tussle between the western nations in reaping Somalia's natural resources. It is essential to understand that the nations of the west, America in particular on one side and the Europeans on the other, have turned Somalia into a battle field just to reap Somalia's resources and they can only remain in Somalia under the pretext of fighting terror. These nations clearly understand the burden and costs of war and they cant sustain that at this point and time hence they force inferior nations like Kenya; nations that cant even sustain themselves economically to go into wars leaving calamities falling on their innocent citizens.

It is so sad to see African leaders including Kenya's follow this colonialists ideology; an ideology that has even make it difficult for the leaders to take care of their citizens' problems, making them engage in wars dubbed " war against terror" accusing Islam and the Muslims as if Islam is the cause of their existing dilemmas. The truth is that Africa is the only continent that is still being reaped by the corrupt western ideology. Here in Kenya colonialists oppression is not a strange thing as many Africans were branded terrorist just because they were fighting for their lands against the occupying colonialists.

America and her allies have felt the threat of the reestablishment of the KHILAFAH to control the world that is after the evident failure of the capitalist ideology to solve world problems and in fact itself being part of the problem.

We lastly clearly wish to state that; Among the teaching of Islam is to protect the blood of the innocent, so the sad acts that have transpired during the weekend should not in anyway whatsoever be related to Islam or Muslims. This fact is in history as during the caliphate the non-Muslims were protected and their traditions respected. The Prophet (saw) said,

«مَنْ كَانَ عَلَى يَهُودِيَّتِهِ أَوْ نَصْرَانِيَّتِهِ فَإِنَّهُ لاَ يُفْتَنُ عَنْهَا»

"Verily neither a Christian nor a Jew will be interfered with regards to their faith."

This is how the coming KHILAFAH will manage to protect the safety and peace of its citizens without any discrimination.


Shabani Mwalimu
Media Representative of Hizb ut Tahrir in East Africa



H. 9 Rajab 1435
M. : Friday, 09 May 2014

East Africa

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