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H.  7 Jumada II 1436 No: 05/36
M.  Friday, 27 March 2015

Press Release Fabricating the existence of ISIS and amplifying it on Afghanistan's border with Central Asia It is only a pretext exploited by America as well as the Collective Security Treaty Organization to intervene in that region (Translated)

The campaign by the United States of deliberately amplifying the threat of ISIS is consistent with the interests of the major countries like Russia, France and China.

On 17th of March, the Secretary General of the Collective Security Treaty Organization Nikolai Bordyuzha, spoke to Ferghana news agency expressing his complaint that Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan are not cooperating with the organization's opinion in its fight against terrorism, and using the lie of "Islamic terrorism", Russia is trying to drag Turkmenistan to the treaty of collective security using this war atmosphere to prevent its neutrality.

In the past, it used this method in the past to repel the danger of Taliban, Al Qaeda and the Uzbek Jemaah Islamiyah... and is still using it to pressure Uzbekistan, Pakistan and a number of countries in the Muslim world, to intervene in its affairs under the pretext of combating terrorism.

The United States terrorizes the world to make it realize that it is in need of the US, and that the US is the only savior of mankind from the threat of terrorism. It often uses this method in its policy, for example, before the collapse of the Soviet Union, America intimidated the Western world of its danger, and after its fall, it intimidated the world from some countries such as Iraq, Iran, Libya and others, and terrified the world of some of the movements like al-Qaeda, the Taliban and the Uzbek Jema'ah Islamiyah... and used this "terrorism" to serve its interests.

America used these justifications in order to intervene in the internal affairs - politically, economically, militarily and culturally - of the world's countries. For example, in order to tighten control over Europe, it played with the communism card, and when communism vanished, it used the Iranian nuclear threat, and for causing damage to the Russian economy, it fabricated the Ukrainian and the Crimea problem, which led to the strengthening of NATO and its expansion in the region, and increased the attachment of the European Union to it, and through this, America also maintains its permanent military bases around the globe and even increases it. Russia deals with Turkmenistan using the same logic, and using this logic, both America and Russia destroyed Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, and Iraq and so on to achieve their goals. It is incumbent upon the republics of Central Asia to be vigilant because they are the next target, and thus the mask of the world's Kaffir leader has fallen, its reality is the absolute hostility to Islam and Muslims.

Our Governments which have responded to this false threat give the Kuffar the right to occupying our countries and insulting the Muslims, under the pretext of these acts only serve the demands and interests of the Kaffir system; and by that exaggerating the external threat as for the regimes, they openly widen the country's military intervention in it, and increase selling weapons and building military bases on its territory.

What are the consequences of this? If the regime does not reconsider its relationship with its people, and does not change its policy against Hizb ut Tahrir - the only party that is working with the true understanding Islam - then many racist groups will appear sowing disputes in the country, because the political game played by the Kuffar is not understood by the country's rulers nor even the scholars, they do not even understand that they are dragging the country into the abyss, and to the formation of sectarianism, nationalism and throwing havoc on our heads.

A call from Hizb ut Tahrir to the Muslims in Central Asia and Kazakhstan:

If we could not expose the machinations of the Kuffar and did not try to prevent it, we will find ourselves in a political vacuum like Libya and Syria, and today this exists in Uzbekistan because of the Karimov regime, which will affect the situation in Central Asia, Karimov could not break Islamic sentiments and ideas rooted in the hearts of the people because anger and violence begets increased attachment to Islam, and the evidence for that is the funeral of Sheikh Mohammed Yusuf. The Kaffir wants to direct this Islamic energy to serve his interests and our governments are working to mute Islam through arrests and the distortion of Islam, which flows into the service of the Kuffar.

We call upon the influentials and the people and those who are able to influence the regimes to prevent this malicious Kaffir agenda, and we tell them that the media war against Hizb ut Tahrir is a sheer lie and fabrication and they are throwing our official statements across the wall. When they accuse the party of terrorist acts, they are attempting through this to isolate the party from the Ummah to stop its work, to make it easier for them to pass their plots on the Ummah, they carry out acts of sabotage in the name of Islam and Muslims at any time and in any place without impunity, after which they accuse Hizb ut Tahrir, as their leader Karimov did in the events of 16 February may Allah destroy him, so do not believe them, Hizb ut Tahrir never hid its political program, even decades of imprisonment for its members did not deter them away from the party's method, and if the party uses military work, it would not conceal it, as everyone knows the strength, boldness and toughness of its members, the carriers of the Da'wah to Allah (swt).


Head of the Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir
in Kyrgyzstan



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