Perşembe, 18 Safar 1441 | 2019/10/17
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20 Bin Müslümandan Obama'ya Red

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


20 Thousand  Muslims Reject Obama


Around 20 thousands protesters from Hizb-ut Tahrir Indonesia, together with the Muslim ummah, staged a protest called "Reject Obama Movement" against the upcoming visit of Obama to Indonesia on Sunday (November 13th) in front of the American Embassy, ​​Jakarta.

They began the protest from the Horse Monument then marched several kilometers to the American Embassy, Jakarta. Along the way, while chanting "Reject Obama", they carried posters and banners with the theme of rejection of Obama's arrival, as well as rejection of capitalism and imperialism.

Not only did they bring along thousands of posters and banners, they also brought three giant banners that read 'Down with Obama, Down with Capitalism and imperialism, Enforce Sharia and the Khilafah'. According to Hizb ut-Tahrir Indonesia spokesman, Muhammad Ismail Yusanto, the action was done to remind the Muslims that Obama is the president of a colonialist country, consequently his arrival should be rejected.

"Obama is a cruel figure, who is no different than Bush, a figure who has never worked except for the interests of American capitalism through imperialism in all forms!" he said. Through the commands of Obama, he said, American soldiers have continued the massacres initiated by Bush in Iraq. Obama is also adding the number of troops in Afghanistan and Pakistan to kill thousands of Muslims.

In the view of Islam, he added, America now is categorized as a muhariban fi'lan country, which in de facto fights against  the Muslims. "The president of a country like this should be rejected as a guest," he said.

Another reason is that the arrival of Obama at the ASEAN Summit is to strengthen the interests of American colonialism in the East Asia including Indonesia. At the end of his speech, Ismail also called on the Muslims to fight to replace the capitalism with the Islamic system and to stop the imperialism and replace it with a khilafah. The reason is that only with  Sharia and the Khilafah will Izzul Islam wal Muslims' (The Honor of Islam and the Muslim) be realized and Indonesia will be survived from the destruction caused by colonialism.

"By contrast, in today's secular system whose rulers do not carry out the trust given to them, the Muslims ummah will continue to abused, their natural resources are exploited, and their social life has been destroyed by the infidel colonial state," he concluded. [Mediaumat; Joko Prasetyo]

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