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Ameer Quote 696: The era when no one dared attack Muslim

The era when no one dared attack Muslims

When the Muslims had a state, and there shall be one soon be by Allah’s will, they were a righteous power upholding the truth to be reckoned with, thus the iniquitous and tyrants would not dare to attack Islam and Muslims, and they ever made such mistake of violating Islam and Muslims, the response would be such one that tears them apart and make an example out of them for generations to come. The facts of history pronounce this, and the Kaffir colonialists know this very well, so they are exerting their utmost effort to stop the return of the state of the Muslims, the righteous Khilafah, that will pronounce the truth and nullify falsehood, this fact is undeniable to anyone with sight and insight. For example, when a Roman man in the outskirts of the Muslim country dared to attack a Muslim woman, she shouted “O Mu’tasim”, the Caliph led an army himself and did not allow anyone else to lead it, and he marched to that Roman man's territoy and punished him and his entire country and conquered that land and spread the good and removed the evil. Also the ruler of Sindh when he raided a ship carrying Muslim women and took them as prisoners, the Caliph sent to his Wali commanding him to punish that tyrant ruler, so Muhammad Bin Qasim led an army and saved the Muslim women and punished the tyrant ruler and conquered Sindh.

And the author of the novel that spoke ill of the Prophet (saw), who tried to display the novel in one of the theaters in Britain, but Britain - which was great at the time - refused,  and sent a formal apology to the Embassy of the Ottoman Empire in London ...  thus were the Muslims when they had a state,  Trump or any other tyrant on earth  would not have dared to utter with their tongues any such effrontery  or move their feet intending any little bit of abuse against Islam and Muslims, otherwise their tongues will be cut and  feet will be broken...


Blind Violence is contrary to the Method of the Prophet to Establish the Khilafah State

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After the Kuffar destroyed the Khilafah state [Caliphate], and spread their authority over the Muslim lands, and suspended the application of the Deen and its rules, and imposed man-made laws and human constitutions, it was natural for the sincere Muslims to call for the work to resume the Islamic way of life, but they differed among themselves in the approaches and methods, although they wanted to uphold the word of Allah and to implement His Shariah.

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