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H.  23 Rabi' I 1440 No: Afg.1440 / 04
M.  Saturday, 01 December 2018

Press Release
The Geneva Conference; the Puppet’s Brief to his Master

The Geneva Conference on Afghanistan was held in Switzerland on November 27-28 that was attended by delegations from 62 countries and 35 international organizations, including Afghan government leaders, representatives of the private sector and civil society. The Afghan government reportedly presented the results of the benchmarks it already had committed to the international community as well as the way the international donations were consumed over the past years in Afghanistan.

This Geneva Conference – like many other past conferences which were sometimes aimed at occupying Afghanistan, then to continuing the occupation in Afghanistan and at some occasions to financially and politically backing Afghanistan – is an international platform where Afghanistan is dragged to report to the international community and its affiliated organizations, at which, the goals and policies set by the international community in Afghanistan were once again scrutinized to see the scale of progressions.

This conference has no positive impact on Afghan people’s lives and yet has not addressed any daily-life problems of Afghans. Even the problems created by the government for Afghans have been distortedly presented as government achievements to the international community at the conference. Such as imposing of heavy taxes on industrials, traders and workers, tripling the customs duties on imports, charging 10% fees onphone usage, devaluing of Afghani currency against the dollar and other foreign currencies under the guise of attracting investment to finally preparing Afghanistan for the World Bank (WB), International Monetary Fund (IMF) and foreign investors loan conditions. Meanwhile, all of these measures have worsened the lives of Afghans and have increased poverty, unemployment rate and criminal offenses.

In addition, the achievements magnified in the fight against corruption and government reform, during the conference, expose two realities. First, corruption has turned into a legitimate form within the government, that’s to say, it has shortened the hands of other corrupters by involving the hands of exclusive team of the Presidential Palace. Second, in relation to ​​administrative reforms, key insider elements who are fostered in the West have replaced the former Mujahedeen and Communist elements within government institutions.

This conference will consequently result in savagely sucking of the people’s blood by the Afghan government under the pretext of bringing unilateral reforms, imposing heavy taxes and inappropriate economic policies so the Afghan government would totally concentrate its reliance on domestic revenues rather than the international donations at the cost of plundering the people’s pockets and foodstuffs so that the war in Afghanistan would continue to ignite at the price of the blood of the Afghans themselves.

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