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H.  24 Jumada I 1441 No: 1441 / 06
M.  Sunday, 19 January 2020

 Press Release
The 2020 Budget is a Continuation of the Noxious Capitalist Economic Corruption
We will only Enjoy the Solution by the Economic System in the Khilafah State

The Jordanian Lower House on Wednesday evening, 15/01/2020 CE, passed the 2020 state budget draft law and the draft for the year’s budgets of independent public institutions. As for the 2020 budget, it is more cursed than its predecessors by the rise of its absolute and percentage figures, which is a continuation of the colonial political dependency approaches since the establishment of this state, which linked its economy, life and persistence to foreign aid and various taxes and prevented everything that would make its economy self-reliant based on its hidden riches which their extraction and investment are prohibited. Its financial policy, like all Muslim countries, depends on the Western capitalist economic system that enacted an annual law called the Budget Act that sets out the sections of incomes, expenditures, deficits or abundance, and is linked to economic reform programs of the greedy colonial tools such as the International Monetary Fund.

Such budgets would lead to bankruptcy and collapse day after day, and they are in a dangerous upward trend in relation to the deficit and the growing debt. The total public debt until the end of September last year amounted 30.05 billion dinars or 42 billion dollars, accounting for 96.7% of the re-estimated GDP for the year 2019, according to the Ministry of Finance, where the budget figures showed an increase in the deficit of 1.247 billion dinars, or two billion dollars without external grants, compared to last year only, knowing that more than 90% of the budget incomes are from taxes and revenue from selling goods, services and fines, i.e. from pockets of the general public.

As for the financing budget, it reached more than 6 billion dinars, most of which, of course, are external and domestic Riba-based loans, mostly spent in amortization of domestic and external debts and the annual deficit, as well as budget expenditures, include debt maturity worth 1.4 billion dinars of the haram riba from the public debt.

How can such budgets, which descended from bad to worse and in which economic growth decreases every year until it reached 1.9%, as the government claims, how can they save the country and the people from the next collapse which is appearing before everyone’s eyes, except by maintaining the perpetuity of their recovery devices from the tools of the American and European Kafir Western colonists to allow the state to survive enough to serve the Western political and security interests by the survival of the dependency system as long as it achieves these interests, and to a minimum that does not satisfy people's hunger, but rather enough to finance these budgets that they pay with satisfaction or with intimidation?

We repeat here what we have said earlier regarding the solution to the economic crisis in Jordan, and we will not tire of repeating it; that the problem is not primarily economic but rather a supremely political problem that arose with the emergence of the Jordanian entity in the colonial way that the Kafir colonist, the British and then the American, wanted to serve his interests in the region, which includes providing the Jewish entity with the means of survival in terms of security, economy, and humiliating treaties that cost the Ummah its wealth and the lives of its children, which the regime uses to serve these colonists who compete for their interests at the expense of the Ummah in Muslim countries.

The economic system cannot be reformed by the same kind of the corrupt system that it created as a financial policy by improving here or austerity there or by facing a handful of corrupt people produced by such a corrupt economic system, as happens every year with the end-of-year play in the parliament whose members flog government with their words and then approve the budget and congratulate governments on their achievements, with promises of some empty bonuses and market frills such as reducing sales tax on milk, cabbage and lettuce!

O People:

The problem is essentially the exclusion of Islam and its economic system from life arena and replacing it with the capitalist economic system that isolates religion from life and thus from the economy which all the humanity suffers from its scourges. In the Islamic state, financial policy is linked radically to the Islamic Aqeedah that binds it exclusively to the Islamic economic system. In Islam, the budget lines of its revenues and expenditures are fixed, and they are permanent. It is not permissible to take money from others, and it is not spent in an illegitimate way. As for the income sections, they are defined sources from the public ownership and the state’s ownership, such as Kharaj and Booties (Fai’) as well as Zakat. These sources are permanent, not decided by the Caliph or the Ummah Counsel. As for the expenditure sections, they are also specified in Islam by Shari’ rules, and they relate to how the sources of income from public ownership, state ownership, and Zakat, are spent and this cannot be bypassed by the Caliph, nor by the Ummah Counsel.

O People in Jordan:

Thus, the solution lies in tackling the corrupt economic reality by abandoning the capitalist economic system, its policies and tools, from its regulations governing it and an international colonial fund that colonizes through indebtedness and malicious reformist prescriptions, and we will never tire of asserting that the solution can only be by returning to the method of Islam and taking remedies from its rulings. The party has shown in various global economic conferences and in its books and draft constitution the economic system in Islam, which undoubtedly not only solves the economic problems of Muslims, but it is the just humane global alternative to all mankind, for the capitalist system is based on interests, plunder, looting, exploitation, hegemony and clout. There is no doubt that all of this will return soon upon the fulfillment of the glad tidings of Rasulullah (saw) of the return of the Khilafah Rashidah (rightly guided Caliphate) on the method of the Prophethood soon, bi'ithnillah.

(لِمِثْلِ هَٰذَا فَلْيَعْمَلِ الْعَامِلُونَ)

“For the like of this let the workers [on earth] work.” [As-Saffat: 61]

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