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H.  12 Dhu al-Qi'dah 1438 No: PR17060
M.  Friday, 04 August 2017

Press Note
End American Raj, Establish Khilafah:
Why is Bajwa Condoling the Deaths of Crusaders, When We Should Be Celebrating?

Why on earth has General Bajwa, the commander of the sixth largest army, "offered heartfelt condolences on the death of two Special Forces soldiers who died in the incident (the terrorist attack on the United States forces in Kandahar)," as stated in a 3 August 2017 tweet by the Pakistan armed forces' public relations cell, the ISPR?!!! What possessed Bajwa, when it is known that the crusader US has conducted false flag attacks throughout Pakistan, using the Raymond Davis network, to goad our army to save the US occupation of Afghanistan from the fierce tribal resistance? What possessed Bajwa, when it is the US that established India's Kulbashan Yadav network in Afghanistan, to spill our blood from Quetta to Karachi? And what is next, are we to see a day where a US servant will condole the death of Hindu State forces in Occupied Kashmir?

In blind obedience to the United States, the rulers of Pakistan work day and night to ensure our humiliation and subjugation before the crusaders and the Hindu State. Whilst taking care to avoid provoking our anger, Pakistan's rulers are steadily advancing along the path of surrender, even though it is upon any truly sincere and strong ruler to mobilize our armed forces in a Jihad to end the humiliation, grant respite to the Muslims, energize their tired limbs and heal their broken hearts with sweet victory. True, indeed are the words of RasuAllah (saw), «مَا تَرَكَ قَوْمٌ الْجِهَادَ إلاّ ذُلّوا»No people abandon Jihad except that they are humiliated” [Ahmad]. And we must ask, if our enemies are shaken by pitifully small bands of poorly-armed, yet extremely brave and determined Muslims, so how will they be when they face an organized Jihad  by a fully-prepared and motivated Muslim Armed Forces?

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