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H.  20 Ramadan 1439 No: 24/1439
M.  Tuesday, 05 June 2018

Press Release
After the Tragic Sinking of Dozens of Migrants on the Coasts of Kerkennah
When will the Failing Rulers Leave?!

Once again, people were heartbroken by the drowning of dozens of young men who had fled from poverty, marginalization, lack of opportunities and humiliation and oppression by the government; which are the usual life aspects of Tunisia that the rulers insist on denying their existence and question their reality. These realities are directly linked to Western settlement policy that squanders the resources of the Muslims and plots against them day and night to keep them dying.

The rulers and their media workers have once again shown a suspicious complicity, placing responsibility only on gangs organizing immigration convoys. However the responsibility of the rulers and their criminal policies, which have reduced the youth to such a degree of despair, has been ignored, they even sought to beautify it (in lies and deception) by praising the security efforts to stop secret migration to Europe and the protection of its southern borders.

Why do the youth want to migrate from Tunisia, even the doctors, university professors, engineers and the best of its people? Who is really responsible? The smuggling gangs? Or the criminal policies that made Tunisia under direct international guardianship?

Were not the staff members running the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance, appointed by pressure from Western colonial countries to pass IMF dictates and EU programs, behind the continuing catastrophic deterioration of the economic situation, the drastic rise in unemployment, the devaluation of the dinar and the blocking of opportunities infront of young people leading them to be victims of suicide adventures?!!

O Muslims, O great Islamic Ummah that Allah made glorious with Islam, your situation will not improve except by what improved it in the past:

All the rulers of the Muslims, including the rulers of Tunisia, have turned their faces to the Western countries to appease them, protect their interests and guard their borders, to stay in office. The death of young people by drowning on the coasts of Tunisia and Turkey is better to these colonial servants from the arrival of migrants to the coast of Europe.

O Muslims in the Country of Zaytouna:

This is a bitter reality; its change is a duty and a necessity. Know that the real change will only be achieved by uprooting this rotten regime and deporting its agents to their colonial masters on the same boats they obstruct. Bring the great system of Islam, your Deen in which you will find your honour and glory, to ruling and tending to your affairs, by giving the pledge to a Khaleefah to the Messenger of Allah (saw) to take care of you by the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His noble Messenger (saw), and to protect your blood and your country and make you in control over your wealth.

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