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Media Office
Wilayah Tunisia

H.  25 Dhu al-Qi'dah 1439 No: 30/1439
M.  Tuesday, 07 August 2018

Press Meeting

Hizb ut Tahrir’s Position on the Individual Freedoms and Equality Committee’s Report



Hizb ut Tahrir’s Newspaper is organizing a Press meeting to highlight Hizb ut Tahrir's position on the Individual Freedoms and Equality Committee’s Report through a Book prepared for this purpose.


The meeting will include the participation of some intellectuals, media and Az-Zaytoonah men.

This will be on Wednesday at 9:45 am at May Way, the banks of the Lake 1

Boulevard Principal, Les Berges du Lac I Tunis, 1053 Tunis.


The Program of the Meeting:

- 9:45: Reception of Guests

- 10:15: Book reading

-   Video

- First Participation Segment

- Second Participation Segment

- Poetry recitation (Gibrani)

- Coffee Break

- Some Guest Comment Participation

- Final Comment Participation


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