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H.  11 Dhu al-Qi'dah 1435 No: TRu2013BAu20132014u2013MBu2013TRu2013018
M.  Saturday, 06 September 2014

Press Release NATO is a Framework of Meeting for Occupation and Colonization (Translated)

NATO member country leaders met in the twenty-sixth summit that is conducted on a regular basis, to make decisions related to its work, held on 4-5 September in the city of Cardiff, Wales, UK. Recep Tayyip Erdogan joined the Summit as the President of Republic. The western colonial states leaders spoke, headed by the United States of America, as happened in previous summits, over the alleged plans that are related to solutions to the "problems" in the Muslim lands. In the framework of bilateral meetings on the sidelines of the summit, President Erdogan met with President Obama, and Erdogan had made a statement before the meeting saying: "NATO is the most important framework for meeting at the military level. There are also meetings at the political level, and meetings for the economic and cultural matters. We have seen now the NATO summit, which dealt with chronic issues experienced by Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Egypt, Libya, Ukraine and other areas, and we will have the opportunity of evaluating it with Mr. Obama, and we will exploit this opportunity with the best exploitation".

We as Muslims know that this international military NATO coalition, which was established in order to colonize the Muslim lands and its resources, is unfit for solving problems, but it is an evil coalition that produces and generates evils. We have seen what this coalition did in Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia, Kosovo and Libya. And now, and after all of this, president Erdogan comes and lays on the table the issues of Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Libya and Ukraine with the bandits and gangs, those are the ones whom he seeks solutions from!! He meets with Obama whose hands are soaked with blood, and he is the president of the country that the NATO serves for the occupation of the lands of Islam.. Yes, and he evaluates the meeting with him as an opportunity to solve the problems of these lands, wanting to exploit it?! And could NATO, established by a gang of bandits be really the most important framework of the meeting at the military level?! No! NATO will not be except the main framework for meeting for the cause of occupation and colonization.

So oh you President Erdogan! Are you waiting for the liberation of the usurped Palestine since 66 years and its salvation to be at the hands of NATO? Will NATO be the power that will put an end to the Bathist regime, who is oppressing our brothers in Syria, with whom we shared our food and homes for the past forty years, and put an end to the crimial murderer Assad, who continues to kill the Muslims since the past four years;.. that you search in its summit for a solution for Syria's problem?! And do you think that the solution to the problem of Iraq is in the hands of Obama, the president of America, the country that orphaned more than one million children in the massacres of democratization, spreading evil and corruption in every corner of Iraq? Are you waiting for the spread of peace in Libya at the hands of NATO, whose aircrafts bombed its Muslim nation in order to control the oil wells and sources after it was sure of Gaddafi's fall? Also, America, Europe and NATO,and because of the convergence of their interests against Muslims in Central Asia; did not intervene at the Russian expansion policies, and watched Putin's annexation of Crimea without firing a single shot .. Indeed, are you expecting the solution for the problems of the Muslims of the Crimean Tatars to be at their hands? Where are the missions and goals of the new Turkey that you are proclaiming? Where is the position of the new Turkey that you're talking about, the one that distances itself from the Kuffar and the colonists? Where are Turkey's new radical solutions to the problems of the Muslim lands? Never forget that if there is anything that needs renewal, it will not be the Turkish Republic, which was built on the ruins of the Khilafah "Caliphate" State, because this Turkey was built on the Democratic and Republican system and its ancient, obsolete concept which cannot be renewed. The best and the most compelling thing that can be done is to rebuild the second righteous Khilafah "Caliphate" state. Only then can the Ummah live a new life, and only then can the pride and honor return to the Ummah, and only then can Palestine, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Iraq and the Crimea find salvation from what they are facing, and through the Khilafah "Caliphate" alone will the framework that outlines the Ummah's unity return to its rightful place.


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