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H.  11 Ramadan 1440 No: HTY- 1440 / 18
M.  Thursday, 16 May 2019

Press Release
Pro-Houthi Forces Take Over Hodeidah Ports with US Support
While the British Agents Hadi and his Government Accuse the United Nations of Collusion in Favor of the Houthis

The people of Yemen are plagued by dwarf puppet rulers, who do not care about their suffering and are deaf to hear their moans. The British agents Hadi and Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar and their followers live in hotels in comfort and luxury while the people of Yemen live in heat, misery and fear. On the other hand the Houthis intrude and becoming strong on those under their whip in the North, collecting taxes and customs and stealing aid and their leaders and supervisors live in affluence. And here is the series of the ominous agreement of Sweden, which to date they have not agreed to implement its outputs. The Houthi group announced that it had concluded, on Monday, the redeployment of its troops in the ports of Hodeidah, western Yemen, as reported by the Saba news agency, affiliated with the Houthis, which published the news late Monday evening. The agency said that the first phase of redeployment and positioning at the ports of Hodeidah was concluded today, and according to the source, “The UN Chairman of the Redeployment Coordination Committee, Michael Lawlessard, praised the cooperation of the (Houthi) team in the joint committee to facilitate the tasks of completing the redeployment phase". On Saturday, the Houthis announced that they began the implementation of the redeployment from the three ports of Hodeidah, while officials in Hadi's government had questioned the move, noting that the Houthis handed over the ports to other elements belonging to them.On Sunday, the Minister of Transport in Hadi’s government, Saleh al-Jabwa Nay, said that al-Houthi is handing over the ports in Hodeidah to himself, while the UN envoy Martin Griffith wanted to pass this "farce".

On the same day, the United Nations Coordinating Committee for the redeployment said in a statement that the first day of the redeployment of the Houthi forces from the ports of Hodeidah, Salif and Ras Issa in the province of Hodeidah "has been executed according to plans" and explained that the United Nations teams monitored the three ports in conjunction with the departure of the military forces, and the handing over the security of the ports to the Coast Guard forces.Meanwhile, the UN envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffith is briefing today the Security Council on developments in Yemen,the Office of the UN Special Envoy to Yemen said in a tweet on Twitter that Griffith will brief the Council on the situation in Yemen through video streaming from Amman...

This comes at a time when the United Nations confirms the partial redeployment of the Houthi militias in Hodeidah amid the rejection by the Hadi’s government of the stepswhich it described as unilateral.

It is clear that the United Nations stands by the Houthis, especially that America is the influential country, while Britain is forced to follow America in its plans, although it is setting traps and works to block the solution in Yemen whenever it gets the opportunity. Hadi and his government or the UAE and its affiliated forces are British agents, yet their positions appear weak while the scale is tipped in favor of the Houthis who America seeks to make them partners in the rule of Yemen and seeks through them to displace and weaken the influence of Britain in Yemen, which has been deeply rooted for decades.

These conflicting parties in Yemen have brought wars and crises to Yemen and its people. They are parties interested only in achieving the interests of their masters and obtaining a share of the cake of government, even at the expense of the life and blood of the people of Yemen.

O People of Yemen

It is time to become aware of the reality of the conflicting agents in your country and to understand the reality of the United Nations and its colonial solutions, which seek to control the country and its resources, while these conflicting parties give them the leadership to lead them to the abyss and the wrath of Allah by selling the country and the people and making Yemen at the mercy of the criminal colonists, and this is the political suicide in particular, as the winner in these wars and conflicts is the Kaffir Western colonialist and inevitably the losers are the people of Yemen whose blood is shed and who live the life of dengue and misery.

It is time, O our people in Yemen, and we are in this holy month of Ramadan, the month in which the Quran was revealed and nations and countries were opened, it is time for us to reject UN-colonial solutions and we stop the hands of the negligent conflicting parties and strive to arbitrate Allah’s law by establishing the Khilafah Rashidah (rightly guided Caliphate) state on the method of the Prophethood. These are the obligations that must be initiated without delay, so hasten to what pleases your Lord, enrages your enemy, and achieves you glory and dignity and good life.

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