Sunday, 14 Dhu al-Qi'dah 1441 | 2020/07/05
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H.  25 Ramadan 1441 No: HTY- 1441 / 20
M.  Monday, 18 May 2020

 Press Release
Aden is Ravaged by Diseases, and Hadi and Zubeidi Throw People to Fight on the Fronts

The emergency committee to confront Coronavirus in Aden announced on Friday, 15/05/2020, 21 confirmed cases of Coronavirus, including three deaths. Thirteen cases were then recorded in Aden and 8 cases in Hadramout, including 3 deaths. This brings the number of reported cases in the country to 108, including 16 deaths. For its part, the Personal Status Authority in Aden reported on Thursday 14/05/2020 that it had granted 65 burial permits within 24 hours, and recorded 60 deaths on Friday 15/05/2020, bringing the number of deaths in the afflicted governorate to 125 deaths within 48 hours.

Medical sources in the governorate said that a strange epidemic is killing people in the coastal province, in addition to the epidemics of dengue, malaria and chikungunya disease that are spread in it, along with the Coronavirus pandemic. The health situation in Aden has been exacerbated after the floods disaster that struck last April and the stagnant water remaining in the neighbourhoods...

This is how our people in Aden live in an atmosphere of terror as a result of the spread of deadly diseases, while Hadi and Al-Zubaidi are busy fighting in the neighbouring governorate of Abyan to seize power, where a fierce conflict and rivalry between Saudi Arabia that supports President Hadi and takes from (his legitimacy) a peg to extend its influence, and the Emirates that supports the Southern Transitional Council, which announced its decision to assume self-administration for the south and expel the Hadi government and prevent it from carrying out its work from Aden Governorate, which the Hadi government has declared to be the country's interim capital until the liberation of Sana'a from the hands of the Houthis, thereupon, the conflict took another direction in light of the Anglo-American conflict over Yemen, which works for its service both the UAE and Saudi Arabia, and their local tools.

And the matter is not different in Sanaa, which announced after Aden’s announcement of the outbreak of the Coronavirus epidemic in it amid the Houthis' heavy secrecy over the real numbers, despite their measures to sterilize some streets and impose quarantine for hours in some neighbourhoods and regions, which is not effective to confront the epidemic and limit it and thus eliminate it.

How can these conflicting people in the north and south of Yemen, who have despised the blood of the people and prevented their salaries for years and then overburdened them with the high prices due to the deterioration of economic conditions and the imposition of multiple taxes and customs each in their area of control, how can these people think about the seriousness of these epidemics or work to fight them and provide the necessary medicines and medical equipment and taking effective and serious health measures to limit the spread of these diseases and epidemics, while they are fighting day and night, even during the Holy month of Ramadan, and they mobilize followers for the flames of battles, and their blood is shed in a fight that Islam has forbidden, and people have only gained from it destruction, hunger and displacement?!!

O Allah, bless the people of Yemen, and prevent them the evil of the epidemic, and the evil of their rulers, the agents, and protect all the Muslims, and guide them in these blessed last days of this Holy month to work to arbitrate Your law and establish the Khilafah Rashidah (rightly guided Caliphate) state on the method of the Prophethood, in which alone is their salvation, and in which Your satisfaction and mercy come upon them, as long as they remain straight on Your guidance and adhere to Your Book and the Sunnah of Your Prophet Muhammad (saw).

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