Monday, 22 Dhu al-Qi'dah 1441 | 2020/07/13
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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

 News Right Now: Human Sacrifice

Welcome to News Right Now - Human Sacrifice

The war in Yemen between the central government and the Houthi rebels has caused almost indescribable human suffering. Health agencies have reported that Yemen has the worst cholera outbreak in recorded history. To date, there are 1 million suspected cases and 15,000 fatalities due to the water-born disease.

A fuel crisis is making access to piped water even more scarce, leading to fears that upto 15 million people could be exposed to the deadly disease. The havoc and suffering meted out on the people of Yemen is purely political, due to clashes between the country’s president, Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi, and Houthi rebels seeking to displace him. To complicate matters, Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies have launched a bombing campaign to support the central government, while Iran has gotten involved to support the Houthi rebels.
Imports and exports have essentially stopped, depriving Yemen of vital food, medicine, and supplies.

The conflict has escalated to the point that nearly 75% of Yemen’s population, or 24 million people, is in need of aid. Behind the crisis and the immense human suffering, is the struggle between the US and Britain, and a purposeful conflict to keep the factions of Yemen locked in bloody battle, regardless of the consequences. The crisis in Yemen is a manufactured one, with the US and British each vying for influence in the war-torn country. Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi has connections to the British that the US wants to stamp out.

Despite how much they shout, the Houthis play a role in Yemen, helping the US in the quote-unquote “war on terror” and have not been designated a terrorist organization by the US State Department. The Houthis do not threaten American interests, and are therefore used by the US to secure influence in Yemen and push out Hadi. To prove this, two separate incidents have been reported where US military weapons and hardware have been found in the hands of the Houthi’s.

US Senator Elizabeth Warren has written government agencies demanding answers to how supposed US enemies, the Houthi’s, have received US weapons. These incidents prove that the theatrics and rhetoric meant for public consumption merely mask the true nature of the conflict... the US is actually using the Houthi rebels to engulf Yemen in the flames of a fabricated war, so that it can push out the Hadi government, make the Houthis look like an oppressed minority, and eventually broker a political deal, integrating the Houthis into government.

The painful truth is neither the Yemeni government led by Hadi, nor the Houthi rebels care about the sanctity and dignity of human life; let alone of Muslim life. If they did, they would not have embroiled themselves into a conflict that serves no one but the colonial British and American governments. They would have rid themselves of their associations with the colonialists and rejected the dirty money. They would have focused on implementing the laws of Allah and providing security and prosperity for the people of Yemen. The only way to protect the dignity, honor, and blood of the Muslims of Yemen is to establish Islam.


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