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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

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Pakistan PM Imran Khan Takes a Stand on US-Iran Tensions


"I have asked FM Qureshi to visit Iran, KSA & USA to meet with respective foreign ministers, Secretary of State; & COAS Gen Bajwa to contact relevant military leaders to convey a clear message: Pakistan is ready to play it's role for peace but it can never again be part of any war," Khan said in a tweet. (Source: khaleejtimes)


In late 60s after British exit from the Gulf, US prepared Iran to play a special role which ultimately serves US ability to control the Gulf region. Soon Iran made Gulf region boiling hot in the midst of a hostile climate created by a regime with an export, the revolution agenda. The biggest stumbling block in the face of America in the gulf remained Iraq, which was the most powerful post under the British influence. America employed Iran to incapacitate Iraq and then with a direct assistance from Iran America carried a string of operations until it was in position to obliterate the Saddam regime in Iraq and entrenched a new Iraq Republic, with a constitution drafted by US envoy Bremer. Since 2003, Iran was given a full authority in Iraq with the help of the occupying American forces.

When the revolution erupted in Syria and Assad came under serious threat to be dethroned out of Syria, the US laboriously relied on Iran to protect Assad and his regime. Iran fulfilled its role completely directly through the “Quds Army” led by Qasem Soleimani.

Now the role of Iran in Iraq and Syria seems to have ended and the mission accomplished, at least from the American perspective. The most decisive instrument in the Iranian dominance in Iraq and Syria General Soleimani is killed, who was once a great General and the most trust agent who created blood baths of hundred and thousands of Muslim in Iraq and Syria for the sake of US is killed by US.

 Current civil military leadership of Pakistan is going all out to serve and safeguard the interest of their master US wherever possible, as did the previous regimes. The only difference is all the previous civil military leaderships of Pakistan fought their own Muslim brothers in Afghanistan and in the tribal areas of Pakistan to support the US war on terror; and now when the US is defeated against the steadfast Mujahiddin, the current regime has been busy in settling down things to save US interest under the guise of peace. All traitors, agents, surrogates, and dumb players should understand that their story will end once they accomplish the tasks mandated by the masters. The US is always ready to eliminate its agents, surrogates, and tools once their tasks are accomplished. This has always been the case and the examples are abundant.

It’s time to extend our efforts to establish Khilafah and fulfill the obligation on us by Allah (swt) which will InshAllah ends the tears from Muslim sisters, cries of our children, bloodshed of innocents and the hunger of empty stomachs.

Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by
Mohammad Adel

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