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Rising Oil Prices Benefits Everyone except Iran

Rising Oil Prices Benefits Everyone except Iran

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Russia is covered by a wave of euphoria in connection with the rise in oil prices. On May 15, it reached $ 79.5 per barrel, for the first time since 2014. The Kremlin is thought to be inspired. A more detailed examination of the basics of what is happening is necessary.

 Rising Oil Prices Benefits Everyone except Iran
By Usman Salikhov – Russia

Russia is covered by a wave of euphoria in connection with the rise in oil prices. On May 15, it reached $ 79.5 per barrel, for the first time since 2014. The Kremlin is thought to be inspired. A more detailed examination of the basics of what is happening is necessary. This is due to the actions of the United States, which firstly withdrew from the nuclear agreement with Iran, which returned this country under sanctions, including on the sale of oil i.e. Iran is again deprived of the opportunity to trade oil. Secondly, it is an escalation from Washington in the Palestinian problem. The arrogance and perseverance with which the Americans are transferring their embassy to Jerusalem provoked protests from Muslims around the world. And in Palestine, with the suppression of Palestinians, the Jews killed about 100 people. And these two actions, which led to an increase in oil prices recently, are part of one plan to control the Middle East.

1. Donald Trump, from the moment he came to the White House, clearly indicated his unceremonious in the matter of America's borrowing money from other countries. So he demanded a lot of money from Germany for security: "Germany owes huge sums of money to NATO and the United States, and must pay more for the powerful and very expensive defense that we provide to Germany!" (RT, 19.03.17). And if he talks with the Europeans even summarily, but politely, then with the Islamic world, he speaks differently, haughty, arrogantly, humiliatingly. Speaking at a rally in Michigan on April 27, 2018, Trump said: "Imagine we spent 7 billion dollars in the Middle East without getting in return, nothing. We have finished with the "IG", there is no such army as our army. "Some of the richest countries in the world tell us that they are tired and do not want to pay." "We will make them pay, and they will pay." And of course it's about the countries of the Persian Gulf, Saudi Arabia.

2. And this is the most important thing, because it is with the help of Iran that America frightens the Persian Gulf and demands money from them for their safety. It's shocking and abominable how the enemies lead these Muslim rulers by the nose and frighten some by others, and make them love themselves.

Back in 2012, the US Hilary Clinton signed an agreement with the countries of the Commonwealth of the Persian Gulf countries on the organization of an anti-missile defense system based on the Patriot missile system in conjunction with the global NATO missile defense system. But with Obama's conclusion of the Iranian nuclear agreement, the problem of danger from Iran so will we say, and the missile defense project froze.

And here it is important to explain that the conclusion of a treaty with Iran on the lifting of sanctions was aimed at supporting it in opposing the Syrian revolution. The removal of sanctions by the US allowed Iran to improve its financial position. In 2011-2013, the US was at a loss as to what to do with the uncontrolled revolution, which Obama said on August 6, 2016 about, that he was turning gray because of Syria. And Iran came to the aid of the US and throughout the war supported American agent Bashar Assad.

However, in 2015, Damascus was on the verge of collapse, i.e. Iran could not withstand the onslaught of the rebels. And then the Americans started using Russia.

Thus, Iran came out on the second role in the Syrian issue. With the advent of Turkey on the Syrian arena, the Americans in general managed to achieve significant progress in controlling the military side of the conflict. And instead of "rewarding" the obedient executioner, the US sending him into retirement, so the US "throw" the Iranian regime, declared it as a threat to security in the region and renewed sanctions against it. And now Iran has to deal with the financial holes in the budget because of military spending on Syria alone. This is the position of all traitors.

3. Trump is seriously engaged in business in the state level. To reinforce the unheard-of loyalty of Saudi Arabia in the issue of security payments, he orderly and deliberately demonizes Iran, pointing to its nuclear and ballistic technology. So in his first international tour in 2017, which Trump began with Saudi Arabia, he held a meeting with the leaders of the Middle East countries and told them clearly: "Iran is your main threat, we (the Americans) will protect you and you will pay us." And after breaking with Iran an agreement on the cessation of nuclear development and the resumption of sanctions Trump provides Erriad with support in the form of high oil prices. Moreover, in addition to the agreements on the supply of American weapons, Saudi Arabia agreed to fulfill the tasks set by the Americans in Syria. At the same time, high oil prices will give a powerful impetus to their own oil industry in the United States.
To show the even greater role of business in Trump's actions, it is important to point out Washington's demand to stop the construction of a gas pipeline from Russia "Nord Stream 2". Trump is trying to get Europe to buy liquefied gas from the US, which is much more expensive than a pipeline gas. The motive behind this threat is the transatlantic trade agreement. Washington threatens not to sign it, which promises America's trade wars with Europe.

And this business approach in public affairs leads the US to lose the role of a superpower, when the countries of the world turn away from them. So the Minister of Economy Altmeyer said 18. 05. 18: "Europe will resolutely respond to US attempts to put its own economic interests above the partners."The US is our friends and partners, and we want to protect our common values, but if the US acts on the principle of America First and puts its own economic interests above ours, then Europe will identify its own interests and fight for them". This statement shows that the ideological unity of America and Europe is lost due to the short-sighted rule of Trump. Who is seduced by the existing power and spends it on the benefits, losing the confidence of the allies. This is not the only disagreement between the US and Europe, and they are only worsening.

4. As for the US embassy in Jerusalem, I must say that it's not just about trying to raise the trump ratings inside the US. Israel over the past year has played a prominent role in the Syrian conflict. Air bombardments against Iranian and Russian military targets in Syria should have emphasized the presence of yet another military force opposing the revolution. The US prefers to remain in the shadow of their executioners, content with the role of the fighter with IGIL. And the Jewish entity’s statement in the role of another killer is destined to increase the desperation of the rebels. On the other hand, the attack of Iranian military objects in Syria emphasized the theme of the "Iranian nuclear threat". And if America is a shepherd, then the Jewish entity is a sheep-dog, with the help of which she drove sheep’s to one more slaughterhouse.

Translation of the embassy to Jerusalem is not only a rating event for Trump or a family issue with his son-in-law Jared Kushner. This is certainly something more. This of course is the hatred towards Muslims and their religion. The enemies of Islam are discouraged by what is happening in Syria and other clashes with Islam. They cannot understand the source of such a powerful resistance and the onslaught of Islam. So they are taking decisive steps, hoping to cut down the tree of Islam with its roots in the garden, it has grown. They produce beer with the Islamic shahada, instead of a lid. Enemies of Islam organize debauchery competitions on our lands, covering naked women with the testimony of Islam. They build theaters of opera and music in the land of two shrines. As for the third shrine, they show us that their boots will go where they like. So they want to deprive us of dignity and strength to resist.

However, this religion belongs to Allah, and the fight against it is a great crime against the Lord Almighty, which will inevitably be defeated in this world. And no one has the right to despair and dwell on his way of spreading Islam. The days have come when the metal separates from the slag, and the truth from the lies.

Every Muslim should sincerely rely on the help of Allah, who promised the establishment of a righteous Caliphate, the only shadow of which is covered with century-old dust deprives the current pharaohs sleep. O Muslims, join Hizb ut Tahrir. The Messenger of Allah (saw) said:

«ثُمَّ تَكُونُ خِلَافَةٌ عَلَى مِنْهَاجِ النُّبُوَّةِ» “... Then the caliphate will continue by the method of prophecy.”

* Written for Ar-Rayah Newspaper – Issue 186

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