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Palestine: Women's Section Panel Discussion "Supplemental Learning and its Impact on Building the Personalities of our Children"

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Hizb ut Tahrir Palestine: Women Section – Panel Discussion

"Supplemental Learning and its Impact on Building the Personalities of our Children"

On Saturday, 05/08/2017, the women members of Hizb ut Tahrir in Palestine held its third forum from the Pioneers of Thought and Politics called "Supplemental Learning and its Impact on Building the Personalities of our Children" in Ramallah, attended by approximately 500 women and girls from the Hizb and the Ummah. The forum featured five discussions with short videos as introductions to the discussions.

The first discussion was about the role of young people in the successive Islamic eras, and that young people were the mainstay of this Ummah and the place of their hopes for radical change and how they were prepared during the days of the Prophet (saw) and His Companions (ra).

The second discussion was about the youth of today, who possess characteristics and features that contribute to the Ummah's revival despite the corrupt society in which they live (from media and curricula), that they are able to take responsibility and have the desire to change, and they only need a sound basis to bring about this desired change.

The third discussion: A university medical student spoke of the reality of young people who are living in today’s time and are in constant loss, and that the reasons for success lie in reference to Islamic concepts. She explained that the lessons of supplemental learning (ajwaa’) in Hizb ut Tahrir that has a great role in building the personalities of our children, based on her personal experience.

Other girls also presented their experiences in such lessons and the extent of their influence on them in terms of concepts and behaviors, and that the measure of their actions is halal and haram.

The fourth discussion: Has culture in today's education curricula planted Western culture among our youth?

The real guarantee for the preservation of culture is the preservation of minds and souls, but because of colonialism, they have changed school curricula in accordance with Western trends and visions. Education and curricula are no longer an internal matter, but a Western matter in which our children are taught about their religion, correct concepts, values ​​and morals. And to clarify the role of supplemental learning brings about highly distinguished personalities throughout history and today..

The final focus was on solutions to youth problems. The sisters talked about immediate solutions through the responsibility of the home, the parents, the school and society in general, and the role of dawah carriers in particular. And that the radical solution is the establishment of the second Caliphate State on the methodology of the Prophethood, which will take responsibility for education and information in all its aspects, Allah willing.

Deputy of the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir

In the Blessed Land - Palestine

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