Friday, 19 Ramadan 1440 | 2019/05/24
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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

 Wilayah Syria: Demonstration in Tell al-Karamah demanding to Open Front Lines

Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Syria organized a demonstration in the town of Tell al-Karamah, province of Idlib to open front lines and not remain silent on the regime's brutal bombings of liberated areas.

Friday, 01 Rajab 1440 AH - 08 March 2019 CE

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Talk from Brother Abdo ad-Dili during Demonstration entitled:
"Eight Years of Ash Sham Revolution where Allah has distinguished the Deceit from Righteous!"

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 Speech by the distinguished Abu Ahmad Haj Yasir

from the Dignitaries of the Hamamiyat area during the Tell al-Karamah Demonstration

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 Speech at the Tell al-Karamah Demonstration by Brother Abu Muhammad Shaker

from the Dignitaries of the town of Dana

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Speech by Sheikh Abu Rakesh at the Tell al-Karamah Demonstration
About the Danger of the Turkish Stations and Checkpoints and Giving False Reports


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 Speech by Qashouh al-Latamneh Abu Abdullah in the Demonstration of Tell al-Karamah

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Song (Nasheed) in the demonstration of Tel Karama under the title:
"Allahu Akbar, O Revolutionaries! ash-Sham Calls You"
Singer Abu al-Fawares

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