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Answer to Question: Lebanese Presidential Elections and the Saudi-Iranian Disputes

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Answer to Question
Lebanese Presidential Elections and the Saudi-Iranian Disputes


It is noticeable that the election process for the President of the Lebanese Republic is stumbling and the quota in the parliament has not been met. This matter has been repeated even though it is known that the real effective forces are represented in Hezbollah and its supporters, and in the Future Movement and its supporters. That is whilst it is well-known that Iran and Saudi are behind both of these factions. So what is the explanation for the failure to meet the quota whilst the powers supporting those sides, Iran and Saudi, are both loyal to America? Why are they working so that the quota is not met? There is also an additional matter and that relates to what is noticeable in terms of a heated tension between Saudi and Iran in Lebanon whilst both of them are loyal to America. So what is the reason for that? And may Allah reward you with goodness.


The answer is made clear through the presentation of the following matters:

1 – The subject of the Lebanese Presidential election and stabilizing the situation in respect to it is not currently one of America’s main concerns. That is because it ties the subject of Lebanon to the Syrian situation and because it has yet to find a replacement agent for Bashar in Syria, it has been leaving the subject of the Lebanese Presidential election to the futile and frivolous bickering that takes place between the kings of the factions within Lebanon… However, now, after its success to an extent in relation to the issue of the truce and the negotiation, and particularly after it was able to include a number of so-called Islamic factions into the treacherous negotiations… After this success in respect to bringing together these negotiating factions to bring about a joint or shared rule between the regime and the opposition… Therefore, if these matters were to settle and continue upon this course and the truce remains standing and negotiations remain continuing, then the election of the Lebanese president draws near. In other words, the election of the Lebanese president proceeds in line with the success of America in realizing its secular plan and objective within Syria. So as this solution draws near the election of the President in Lebanon draws near as a result. And all of that is in accordance to the American planning…

In summary, America’s success in respect to the continuation of the truce and the negotiations leads to the drawing close to the Lebanese Presidential election solution. As for before that, then the frivolous bickering between the Lebanese factions will remain based upon the premise of wasting time. That is apparent from following the events taking place in Lebanon: So we see Hariri agreeing with Franjieh leading his companion Geagea to then agree with Aoun! That is whilst the party of Iran is a friend to both Franjieh and Aoun and so we see it standing upon the sidelines! That is because if it were to side with anyone of them they would then be elected through the influence of that party… All of this indicates that this bickering is not being undertaken with the intention of resolving the subject of the president.

2 – As for the Saudi Iranian difference whilst both proceed loyal to America… This difference falls within that which America allows to take place upon the periphery in Lebanon and that is because America does not want a stable solution within Lebanon. It therefore leaves Saudi and Iran to compete and bicker in accordance to their internal interests… It may be that you have heard or read about Obama’s interview for the American ‘The Atlantic’ Magazine conducted on 10/03/2016 when he advised Saudi and Iran to get along with each other in peace within the region: “The American President Barack Obama said that “Saudi Arabia, Iran must shape 'cold peace... and Iran can find a way to "share the neighborhood" and make some kind of peace.” Obama added in the interview conducted with the American magazine ‘The Atlantic’ that: "The competition between the Saudis and the Iranians, which has helped to feed proxy wars and chaos in Syria and Iraq and Yemen, requires us to say to our friends, as well as to the Iranians, that they need to find an effective way to share the neighborhood and institute some sort of cold peace." (Source: BBC, Reuters: 10/03/2016) As can be seen, it is as if he is responsible for the two countries; organising for them their affairs and directing them in respect to how they should conduct themselves within the region, all of which indicates that their agreement or disagreement is in accordance to the roles that have been provided to them by the US White House! Consequently, if the matter required agreement they would have both been in agreement and this is in accordance to America’s political priorities…

Through pursuing the politics of the events then it can be seen that the US priority currently is the Syrian situation. For that reason, it is focused on the Syrian solution in relation to the truce and the negotiations. In this area, we see Iran, Saudi and Turkey all proceeding in agreement and harmony without disagreement. All of these parties have promoted the truce and the negotiations… and when America begins to work seriously to solve the issue of Lebanon then Saudi and Iran will be together in respect to that. And without question you witness Turkey and Iran and how they have come to agreement in their mutual visits to one another after the previous tensions that existed between them. That is because America wants their efforts to complement one another in order to generate a calm that will facilitate the continuation of the truce and the negotiations…

I hope this is sufficient by the permission of Allah.


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