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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

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The GCC-U.S. Summit


Obama, the American President arrived in Saudi Arabia on 20/04/2016 in a visit which represented his fourth since assuming the presidency in 2009. He held the first of his sessions with its King, Salman Aali Saud, before the GCC-U.S. Summit convened on the day following the visit to Riyadh. This visit was surrounded by a great deal of media hype and it was stated that it would deal with the problems of the region and its solutions! These problems were then in fact mentioned in the final statement including those of Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Libya and Palestine... All of this whilst Obama is in his final year and his ability to solve the problems is weak and has been described as being a lame duck? So how can we understand the objectives of this visit? Jazaakallahu Khairan.


The objectives of the visit were not to solve the problems of the region because America had already put down the solution plans prior to Obama’s visit. It had placed its plan for Syria and reinforced that since the Riyadh High Committee for negotiations was established. It placed its plan for Yemen and then reinforced that with Operation ‘Decisive Storm’ that gave prominence to the Houthis, after having been isolated, so that they could then participate and share in the rule in the Saadah governorate and its surroundings. And it placed down its plan for Palestine through the recognition of the Jewish state and similarly it has its plans in place in respect to Iraq and Libya... As such, the American plans had already been set and put in place before Obama became a lame duck!

That is whilst the inclusion of these issues within the final concluding statement was for no other reason than to fill the lines of the statement!

These therefore do not represent the main objectives intended from the visit. Rather, by scrutinising what took place in this visit and what accompanied it in terms of statements and then what was issued in the final statement, whilst overlooking the parts of the statement representing the preamble, filling and non-intended issues which the statement merely mentioned to fill the space, then after that it becomes clear that the objectives of the visit were to realise the American interests, to concentrate on its intrigues and influence in the region and to organise the affair of its agents within it.... These matters are of those which US Presidents do not disengage from whether they are in a sound or weak footing and that is particularly in the case when they find from amongst the agents those who will lay the path for them under their limping feet! It is possible to summarize these objectives into two main aims as follows:

1 – To ensure America’s control over the Gulf region and to prevention any other power from focusing influence, particularly Britain. The one who ponders over the final statement published in a Riyadh newspaper on 22/04/2016 will find this being expressed within it. We will now take a section from that statement which has a relationship to this matter and then comment upon it... The statement mentioned: “... The leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and the United States of America held their meeting yesterday in Riyadh to reaffirm the strategic partnership between the two sides, aiming to accomplish stability, security and prosperity for the region. This was in the case where the leaders reviewed the significant progress that has been made since the first summit was held in Camp David in May 2015...” And the statement added: “The GCC countries also pledged to study in depth offers presented by the United States related to cooperating in the field of maritime security and to quickly reach an agreement upon the necessary steps needed to implement an integrated early warning defence system to counter ballistic missiles...” It is as if America has taken this as a pretext to install its missile defence shield within the region, with Gulf funding, to bring the region completely under its control and to prevent it ever being liberated from its grip... And the statement added: “The US policy represented in the use of all elements of force to ensure its fundamental interests in the Gulf region and to counter and repel any external aggression against its allies and partners, as it did previously in the Gulf war, is a matter that is not open to doubt or question”. This represents a disgraceful and humiliating obedience and submission by the Gulf States to America where these states give permission to America, in accordance to the words of the statement, to use force to secure its interests and spread its influence, which implicitly contains within it a threat against themselves if they were to exit from America’s stick of obedience. That is whilst the statement gave the Gulf war as an example of that i.e. the occupation of Iraq...! And the statement added: “The leaders of the GCC also in turn expressed their commitment to complete the study of the US’s offers in the field or military cooperation and training that seeks to strengthen the capability of the Gulf states to play a bigger role in confronting the regional challenges”. This means that the Gulf states accept the American demands without any opposition and this what the statement confirms when it stated: “And the Gulf leaders listened to the report about the joint meeting of defence ministers of the council states and the US that reaffirmed the importance of military exercises between the GCC and the US. And the leaders announced that the council’s states and the US will immediately begin to plan the conducting of joint military in March 2017 to display the joint military capabilities of the two sides... The states of the council also supported the expansion of the scope of cooperation with the US in the field of cyber security and the adoption of electronic encryption standards set by Saudi, the US and the G20 states...

The leaders also proposed that all of the joint working groups meet at least twice during the year in order to accelerate the pace of the partnership in respect to combatting terrorism, sensitive defence capabilities, ballistic missiles defence, military preparedness and cyber security”. From all of this, the amount of control and dominance that this statement provides to America over the Gulf. The statement however did not suffice with that but rather was rather concluded with a guarantee in respect to its implementation! “And to guarantee the continuity of these activities and the prompt implementation of the decisions contained in the joint statement of Camp David of the 14th of May 2015, its supplements and this statement, the leaders of the concerned agencies of the two sides have instructed the strengthening of the partnership frameworks existing between them which includes the ‘American-GCC Strategic Cooperation Forum’” (Ar-Riyadh Newspaper, 22/04/2016)... It is for that reason that Obama declared his victory in the press conference following the summit when he said: “The Summit has reaffirmed once again the US policy of utilising elements of our power to ensure our main interests in the Gulf region and to deter and counter any foreign aggression upon our allies and partners” (Reuters, 21/04/2016).

2 – To balance the Saudi role with the Iranian role so that Iran will be focused in the East of the Gulf and Saudi in the West of the Gulf, and then they divide and share the roles in respect to the other states of the region in an atmosphere of sporting competition without paying any regard to the traditional British influence within the Gulf or to its agents. Indeed, it will occur by delegating the King of Saudi, Salman, to create confusions amongst the British agents within the Gulf and particularly Qatar in respect to the American plans, providing Salman with a particular significance in regards to this matter... This was clear when Obama met with Salman before the GCC-US Summit was held, indicating a special relationship between America and Salman of Saudi and that Salman has a specific role within the American plans. If that had not been the case, then the US president would have directly joined the summit like the others without holding a special meeting prior to it. In light of that, Ben Rhodes, the White House deputy national security adviser said: “The meeting with King Salman on Wednesday 21/04/2016 lasted for two hours and was the longest meeting that has taken place between the two leaders...” (Reuters 21/04/2016).

This special relationship is not affected by Obama not having been received by King Salman in person. That is because this represents a message being sent to the Congress and the Republicans in particular, who, for election purposes, have been stirring up the issue of Saudi responsibility for the killing of Americans by Al-Qaeda due to the consideration that Al-Qaeda arose from the funding of Saudi citizens and based upon that they are demanding compensations and presented a bill to Congress... and as part of the election biding some of the Democrat representatives joined them in this. In spite of pressure from the American administration to not pass the bill. Saudi anger was nevertheless necessary to cause the attempts of the Congress to fail and particularly the Republicans who had wanted to present themselves as being very concerned for the families of the dead and as a result achieve an electoral opinion gain. Then the Saudi’s movement to display its anger about that was like a message directed to the Congress to halt the bill of responsibility and compensations. Indeed, they even threatened to withdraw billions of dollars from their banks whilst such a move has a great impact upon the capitalists...

The new site ‘The Huffington Post’ (Arabic) reported: “... According to officials close to the presidency and assistants in Congress from both parties, the Obama administration applied pressure to prevent the passing of the bill.” And those responsible in the Senate warned of the diplomatic and economic ramifications that could result from the passing of this law, in accordance to a report published by the New York Times. The Saudi foreign minister Adil Al-Jubeir, during his visit to Washington last month, said to some of the representatives, that Saudi would be compelled to sell up to the value of £750 billion US treasury bonds owned by Saudi in addition to other assets in the United States...” (Huffington Post Arabic, 18/04/2016).

Consequently, the portrayed Saudi anger and the threat to withdraw billions, was a message directed to Congress and not to Obama. Indeed, it is not hard to conceive that this displayed portrayal of anger by not receiving Obama in person, in addition to the statement of Al-Jubeir in respect to withdrawing billions, was in accordance to some kind of agreement with Obama, in order to cause the Republican’s to fail in their purpose. That is because the threat to withdraw billions is a powerful and effect incentive to slow down their forward drive in respect to their bill. Had the anger been real then Obama would not have been provided with a special meeting prior to the summit, rather he would have attended the summit just like the others without any such prior meeting. Additionally, how can it be that Al-Jubeir, who was raised in the embrace of America, threaten to withdraw billions of US treasury bills?! There is no doubt that the Obama administration realises that and CNN Arabic reported the following on 20/04/2016: “At the same time, an American official said that “The absence of King Salman from the reception party upon the immediate arrival is not looked at as being an insult” whilst indicating to the fact that it is rare that the American president receives foreign leaders in the airport immediately upon their arrival to the United States... From his side, “Despite all these differences, Saudi Arabia and America are not getting divorced,” said Bruce Riedel, director of the Intelligence Project at the Brookings Institution and a former CIA official. "We need each other." Consequently, the relationship between America and King Salman is strong...

As for the relationship between Saudi and Iran, then America wants to solves this problematic issue and restore the relations between the two sides. That is because America is extremely keen to make the region accepting to the Iranian role that is in America’s favour.

It has previously been mentioned by Obama in his interview with the American The Atlantic Magazine on 10/03/2016 that he recommends Saudi and Iran to live with each other in peace within the region: “The American president Barack Obama said that “It is upon Saudi and Iran to be aware of the principle of coexisting with one another and to arrive at a way to accomplish a kind of peace...” And Obama added in the interview with the American magazine, The Atlantic that “The competition between the Saudis and the Iranians—which has helped to feed proxy wars and chaos in Syria and Iraq and Yemen—requires us to say to our friends as well as to the Iranians that they need to find an effective way to share the neighborhood and institute some sort of cold peace.” (Source: BBC, Reuters 10/03/2016)

It is as if Obama is the one responsible for the two countries, regulating for them both their affairs so as to advise them in respect to how they should conduct themselves within the region! And it appears that Obama’s recommendation has been implemented as it was mentioned in the final statement of the summit that: “The United States and the GCC states reiterated support for the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) with Iran, noting that successful implementation of the JCPOA, thus far, has blocked Iran’s pathways to a nuclear weapon and enhanced regional security and stability. ... GCC countries reaffirmed their willingness to build trust and resolve longstanding differences through engagement with Iran; it being understood that Iran must engage the region according to the principles of good neighborliness, strict non-interference in domestic affairs, and respect for territorial integrity, consistent with international law...” (Ar-Riyadh Newspaper, 22/04/2016 and ).

In conclusion, it is truly painful that America can spread its reach across the ocean to control our lands and seas, in addition to the sources of our power and natural resources... However, America does not find before it except the Ruwaibidaat (ignorant rulers) who strive only to safeguard the seats, treasures and to keep the ruling within their family lines. And so they submit to America and accept its demands as they fear it and they do not fear Allah. It is due to that that the US is capable of seeing its plans pass through via these rulers and into the Muslim lands! However, this situation will never continue by the permission of Allah because Allah Al-‘Azeez Al-Hakeem has promised us and His Messenger (saw) has given us glad tidings of the return of the rightly guided Khilafah "Caliphate", so that Islam and the Muslims will be honoured and elevated whilst the disbeliever colonialists will be disgraced and will be lowly.

(وَسَيَعْلَمُ الَّذِينَ ظَلَمُوا أَيَّ مُنقَلَبٍ يَنقَلِبُونَ)

“And those who have transgressed are going to know to what [kind of] return they will be returned” [26: 227].

20th Rajab 1437 AH

27/04/2016 CE




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