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Saudi Execution of Shiite Leader Stokes Tensions

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

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Saudi Execution of Shiite Leader Stokes Tensions


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates - Saudi Arabia's execution Saturday of 47 prisoners, including an influential Shiite cleric, has prompted a wave of condemnation from Shiite leaders around the region and threatens to further damage Sunni-Shiite relations across the Middle East. Hundreds of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr's supporters protested his execution in his hometown in eastern Saudi Arabia, in neighboring Bahrain and as far away as northern India. (Source: The Associated Press, JAN. 2, 2016)


This merely feeds into the terrible tragedy facing the Islamic Ummah. We see these illegitimate leaders behaving like the false groups that purport to be implementing Islam. Not only do they divide the Ummah, they also terrorize the innocent and the Islamic Ummah themselves.

Islam came as a mercy to all of mankind, not to be a source of pain, fear and suffering.

At a time of such fitnah and chaos, it is our duty to seek the knowledge to understand the minhaj (methodology) of Rasulullah sallalhu alaihi wasallam, the true Deen of Islam, to discern what it is and what it is not. How Islam was established and how it should be re-established. We must know Islam, to be able to separate it from the terrible falsehood and confusion that wears the cloak of this noble Deen.

Anything other than Islam is dzulm (oppression).
Now more than ever, the true light of Islam must be carried forward, and it is the duty of every single Believer to strive even harder to re-establish the Deen in the way of Prophet Muhammad (saw).

Allah (swt) informs us in Surah An Naml: 27 that this Qur’an

((وإنه لهدى ورحمة للمؤمنين))

“And it certainly is a Guide and a Mercy to those who believe.”

Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by
Hamzah Muhammad

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