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Media outlets in Tanzania reported an incident of some CCM supporters waving racist placards during cross country walk at the climax of Zanzibar Revolution Celebrations which were marked on 12th January 2016. The incident took place in Presence of Zanzibar President Ali Mohammed Shein and Union Vice President Samiha Suluhu Hassan.


Racism prejudice in Zanzibar is among the worst historical legacy planted by the British colonialists to destroy Muslim community and replace other stooges after fed up with Sultanate. Yet the same hatred is being perpetuated by politicians especial of the ruling party for their political objective. In spite of CCM party having many members, supporter and some top officials from mixed race background. The message on the waved placards was: ‘People of mixed race from hizb (Nationalist Party existed before revolution) let you know that, Zanzibar belongs to black people.’

Even if CCM hastily condemned the message, pleaded for public apology and promised disciplinary measure against what they called ‘shameful acts’. But everyone knows for sure that, this is only rhetoric and smoke screening in nature. CCM themselves know that the foundation of Zanzibar revolution was built upon racist ideas instigated by British, sustained harshly and violently even after revolution and still active to date? Through this dangerous racial jingoism, Zanzibar was pushed into chaos that led to the loss of lives of thousands of innocents, their wealth grabbed, their dignity violated by the so called revolutionaries and their supporters.
The worst scenario of these ideas is still active and motivated even after more than 50 years since the revolution, existence of intermixed marriages and wide social interaction. Racist bias thoughts are being adopted and capitalized by some CCM officials directly or indirectly when are propagated by their members or supporters. Famous CCM podium of Muembe Kisonge in Zanzibar is well known for instigating racial chauvinism and tension among the people especial from Pemba and Unguja Islands. In most cases these racial hatred statements are being made and spread with full awareness of some CCM officials, yet they remain as oblivious as ever. A thing that indicates existence of their blessings and approval.

On the side of Tanganyika, CCM is acting the same game with a different tactic. The policy of racism is entrenched within their structure and government. The most common racial playing card is against Muslims. In spite of Muslims being victims of historical racial marginalization since British colonial era, the situation of post independence era has never changed, if not worse than before. Areas of Muslims residence are being marginalized in terms of development. Muslims and their traditionally institutions are oppressed, humiliated, arrested, tortured and so on. And now under the global hatred war against Muslims and Islam spearheaded by the USA, things have even worsened towards Muslims. Our countries are bribed and coerced by it in acting in brutal, vicious and in hostile manner on their behalf.

CCM as any other democratic party adopts the doctrine of ‘means justify the end’. Thus they tend to utilize any means to reach their political objective regardless of the harm in any aspect. This is clear and open evidence of the failure of the hypocritical democratic politics which disintegrate the society instead of unifying it. It is time to shun off this democratic politics and their parties, and take Islam as guidance in politics and all human affairs.

Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir by
Masoud Msellem
Deputy Media Representative of Hizb ut Tahrir in East Africa

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