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Only Khilafah’s Media Policy Ensures Accountability Whilst Media is a Powerful Tool to Carry the Truth of Islam to the World

Pakistan’s journalists, media houses, lawyers, opposition parties and human rights organizations are up in arms over the Pakistan Media Development Bill, denouncing it as an attempt to stifle the media. In contrast, the government is claiming the need to prevent fake news and giving rights to media workers.


Headline News 15/09/2021

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Zionist PM meets President el-Sisi in Egypt

France warns Mali against Russian Wagner mercenary deal

IMF Offers Lebanon $1 billion


The Military Coup in Guinea


(The Military Council of Guinea announced that it will start, as of tomorrow, Tuesday 14/9/2021, a series of meetings with political forces, civil society and representatives of mining companies, in preparation for the formation of a government in the country... Dar Al-Hilal 12/9/2021) On Sunday evening, 5/9/2021


Bangladesh’s ‘Yes, Boss’ Attitude at 4th Strategic Dialogue with Britain Exposed their Slave-master Relationship; Only the Caliphate (Khilafah) Can Unchain this Shackle of Slavery

Being colonial master, historically, Britain has had strong ties with the ruling Hasina government in Bangladesh. Her government has always been nurtured by Britain so that they could retain their influence over this land. Due to her geo-political strategic importance, Bangladesh now has become a hotbed for neo-colonial and regional powers. 


The Statement by the Ministry of Justice An Explicit Threat to Muslims from the Government of Uzbekistan

The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan issued a statement on September 7, notably saying: “According to Article 31 of our Constitution, everyone shall have the right to profess or not to profess any religion... This means that each person is independent in following or not following his or her beliefs.... 

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