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Wilayah Afghanistan

H.  17 Jumada I 1440 No: Afg.1440 / 05
M.  Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Press Release
Participation in Democratic Processes Causes Extreme Humiliation and Division among Mujahedeen and Islamic Parties

Several electoral tickets have been formed for the upcoming 2019 Presidential Elections in Afghanistan. In the meantime, a number of Islamic parties and Jihadi leaders, who had fought against the Soviet Union, appeared to have formed electoral tickets with the former communist figures and/or pro-Western secular parties – whose hostility towards Islamic values ​​has been obvious for years and even they have played an active role in isolating the Mujahedeen from power.

Over the last decade, we have repeatedly warned the Muslims of Afghanistan, especially the Mujahedeen and the Islamic parties, against the consequences of their participation in democratic processes which would have caused nothing but apparent humiliation and division that would lead to sectarian fragmentation, political impasse and loss of their influence among the people. As in this round, the Jihadists are split into fragments and even, in most cases, have turned to accuse one another for betrayal.

We direct these questions towards the Mujahedeen of what is the main purpose of your political struggle? as well as ‘what values you pursue’? Is it to secure the Islamic values ​​or that of Democracy or to ultimately achieve your personal and/or tribal interests?!

We herewith call upon them that abandoning the political values ​​of Islam on one hand, and playing in the democratic and American games and raising ethnic and nationalistic voices, over the last decade have brought you down from power, despoiled your dignity as well as have caused assassination of your leaders and/or attached scandals to your leaders, which indeed, have gravely affected your credibility among the people, even amongst your followers.

We once again remind that the Mujahedeen and the Islamic parties have always lost the game in the arena of thoughts and politics for they have been struggling in the wrong field. It is, unequivocally, impossible for a Muslim politician to carry out political struggles in a democratic field.

Consequently, they (Mujahedeen) must profoundly understand that they have always been exploited as ‘vote-banks’ and/or ‘legitimizers of the prevailing governing system’ within the democratic political games, as had been the case over the past three elections. In the event of a victory in the upcoming elections, the Americans will not allow them to stand in power. As the 2014 elections clearly demonstrated that the Americans had scandalously manipulated the results of the elections and appointed their own candidate. They must also realize that they cannot secure a real role other than symbolic and serving-to-assist positions under the American system; instead, they must arise and struggle for the establishment of the Islamic values ​​in order to regain their real power and popularity. As his Excellency Omar Farooq (may Allah be pleased with him) had said: "إنَّا كنَّا أذلَّ قوم، فأعزَّنا الله بالإسلام، فمهما نطلب العِزَّة بغير ما أعزَّنا الله به أذلَّنا الله"“We were dishonored people; though, Allah (swt) granted us honor with Islam, and whenever, we look for honor elsewhere, Allah will again dishonor and humiliate us.”

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