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H.  17 Ramadan 1441 No: Afg. 1441 / 13
M.  Sunday, 10 May 2020

 Press Release
Democracy Reduced the Afghan Leaders and a Number of Former Mujahedeen into Profit-grubbing Political Dealers!

After the US and the European Union exerted their insistent pressures on Afghan rulers aimed at ending the political squabbles and forming an inclusive government, some of the prominent figures of the Stability and Convergence Team, led by Abdullah Abdullah, entered the dialogue phase with their rival team to end the political feud and join the system. This has led to remarkable divisions and internal divergences at the top level of the team’s leadership. As a matter of course, this team has been separated several times in the last few years as in most cases its senior members have frequently stood against one other.

It is crystal clear to everyone that the leaders of the Stability and Convergence Team and a number of former Mujahedeen have not learned from their bitter experiences of the past as they have been bitten several times from the same hole by means of their involvement in the democratic system and preference of temporary interests. Such an act has reduced their power day by day and has gravely reduced their reputation in the eyes of the public. They might have forgotten the basic premises of Democracy which is an accurate springboard for secularists and technocrats, not for Mujahedeen and the Islamic groups.

Therefore, they will further lose their slightly-remained power and status as far as they espouse the values ​​of Democracy and grip the American order. It has been easily perceivable through the past few elections as shown by the figures that how far people have lost their confidence in their leadership. On the other hand, as they kept plunging into the order of Democracy, they happened to be not able to fulfill the promises they have made to the people during their campaign. Under the umbrella of Democracy, they will be able to carry enough authority of decision-making; because in such an order, they are likely to act as vanguards and chessmen for those who have prearranged the games. Therefore, neither the 50% power-sharing approach nor the formation of a parallel government or inclusive government will address the dilemma because all these measures are being exercised under a democratic order.

On the other hand, Democracy endorses individual and team-focused interests – if any team and faction happens to struggle for Democracy, it first brings them down of their values; then, leads them to dealing individually, and finally causes internal segmentations. Because in such a platform, interests and profits take precedence over values ​​and ideals. That is why a number of former Mujahedeen have descended of their Islamic values ​​and reduced into profit-grubbing political dealers, yielding provisional seats and insignificant bounties (i.e. ministries and embassies) under sovereignty of technocrats. The individual and team-centered interests have sullied their hearts, leading them towards disintegration as today everyone could see them shattered like string of beads.

The former Mujahedeen must profoundly realize that their power in the time of Jihad stemmed from their refusal of the Communist regime and struggling against the Soviet occupation. At this very moment, there is still a solution for them if they truly discharge the rope of Democracy and abandon their involvement into the current American order. This would allow them to regain their lost dignity and power among the people; as a result, they would play their role as influential leaders, not as influenced stooges in the current political affairs. Otherwise, under the order of Democracy, they will suffer an extremely disastrous political confusion similar to walking in a dusky desert while not knowing where the path would end.

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