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H.  16 Dhu al-Qi'dah 1441 No: Afg. 1441 / 16
M.  Tuesday, 07 July 2020

Press Release
Islamic Values and Instructions Have Been Insulted; Is There Anyone to Defend?!

The Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies has published a research paper entitled, “Education and Politics: The Roots of Religious Radicalism in Afghanistan’s School Curricula” in which it has explicitly taunted the Islamic values, beliefs and instructions by emphasizing that ‘teaching of Islamic contents leads to radicalism and extremism’.

This institution has not only published a research report, but has also addressed an extremely offensive solution, which is to make all school textbooks free of Islamic contents. While such research papers and theories, indeed, provide the platform for violence – the goal which the Western donors have been pursuing since long ago. In order to avoid the criticism of the public, this institute has cunningly enclosed a disclaimer, declaring that that any responsibility on published research papers and written pieces by this institute shall go to the author and/or the researcher. While this institute has always attacked ‘Islam’ by means of its ideological, biased and consecutive research papers and surveys. It has typically translated the ‘Islamic values’ ​​as synonymous with ‘radicalism’, ‘fundamentalism’ and ‘extremism’.

However, over the past 20 years, the curriculum of Afghanistan’s education system has been reformed several times – as much of the Islamic values ​​have been removed from it, replaced by the concepts of Democracy. But these secularists seem to be deeply aggressive against ‘Islam’ as they can’t tolerate to see even the individual-related issues of Islam in the curriculum, linking it to radicalism and calling for the removal of them from the curriculum.

As in this research, the Almighty Allah (swt), the Great Prophet of Islam (saw), the Islamic beliefs, the purpose of life from the Islamic point of view, Jihad, Mujahedeen, Zakat and other Islamic values ​​and beliefs have been audaciously affronted. In the following, we spotlight a few parts of this insulting letter:

In this research paper, they have fearlessly criticized that why all the language and literature textbooks – both Farsi-Dari and Pashtu – criticized every religious prayers and praise of Almighty Allah and His Prophet (PBUH). (P. 48)

In another part of the paper, they have brazenly recommended that schoolchildren should not be told that “the only religion which is right and selectable is Islam.” This would lead to religious radicalism. (P. 88)

In this study, they have audaciously emphasized that idols and other gods of other people should not be eliminated. It is stated that the way God is mentioned in the Afghan text-books leads to the elimination of other gods which would finally prove that the God of Muslims as the one God of all things. They claim that such things lead to religious radicalism among the students. (P. 76)

In this piece, they have fearlessly indicated that inserting the image of ‘Jerusalem’, the first Qibla of Muslims, in the curriculum leads to religious radicalism. (P. 106)

They have impudently criticized that why it is stated in textbooks that ‘one of the groups which receives Zakat is the Mujahedeen’. (P. 54-55) However, this issue is a direct command from Allah (swt), cited explicitly on the Holy Quran in which the Mujahedeen is said to be one of the eight groups to receive Zakat.

They have offensively portrayed the image of Mujahedeen: “The Mujahideen, with their dogmatic view, seek to destroy anyone who is an outsider.” (P. 57) While, this is an unforgivable insult to the greatest Islamic value, the history of Islam and struggles of the people of Afghanistan who took part in the Jihad against the Soviet Union and the United States.

In this nonsensical paper, they have also indicated that teaching this text “the first purpose of life is to worship and praise the one and only God, and that only the path to prosperity is the straight path”, leads the students toward dogmatism and radicalism. (P. 70)

In fact, under the rule of Democracy and the secularists, everyone and every democratic institution intrepidly dares to question the Islamic values ​​and beliefs under the guise of the so-called ‘research papers’ and ‘freedom of expression’. On the other hand, at least there’s no one nor any organization to stand against such scandalous derisions and stop their offensives, insults and taunts. However, if such an insulting letter had been published a few years ago, it would have faced severe reactions. But today, in the absence of the rule of Islam, they come and boldly taunt the sanctities of Islam, and if anyone raises his/her voices against such nonsense scenarios, they will get suppressed, silenced and finally assassinated under various names and labels.

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