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H.  25 Rabi' II 1442 No: Afg. 1442 / 05
M.  Thursday, 10 December 2020

Press Release
Civilian Casualties caused by the US and NATO Airstrikes and the Afghan Government are Clear Examples of ‘State Terrorism’

A study by Brown University shows that during Donald Trump’s presidency, the number of Afghan civilian casualties caused by US and NATO airstrikes has tripled, escalating to 330%. The study also illustrates that civilian casualties from airstrikes by Afghan security forces have increased several times since the start of the Intra-Afghan negotiations.

Over the past two decades, the US and NATO have launched airstrikes to suppress their opponents on the ground to achieve their military and political goals in Afghanistan which, unfortunately, have resulted in constant civilian casualties. There have been numerous occasions where these forces have bombarded festival ceremonies, public gatherings, and even Masjids and hospitals under the guise of ‘targeting terrorists’, leaving heavy civilian casualties. Recently, the Afghan puppet government has learned the methods of brutal practices from their masters; as for now, they are dropping bombs over innocent people under the name of sustaining ‘security’. In fact, any single airstrike against civilians is the biggest terroristic act.

The US, NATO and the Afghan government are not only regretful of killing thousands of people, but see this as a crucial measure to maintain their influence and sovereignty. Because Capitalism or Democracy is a terrorist-fostering ideology, it allows individuals and governments to massacre thousands of people for the sake of their goals without feeling any remorse. The recent inquiry on war crimes by Australian forces in Afghanistan found that Australian soldiers have killed Afghans just to have fun.

Meanwhile, the US, NATO, and the Afghan government have always claimed to be the savior of the people and advocates of human rights and humane values, pretending to be struggling for the ‘fight against international terrorism’. While the reality is that these countries themselves are the ‘international terrorism’ and clear examples of ‘State Terrorism’ – as they invaded Afghanistan by means of their military force and brutally inhumane practices to perpetuate their oppressive rule.

The Muslim and Mujahed people of Afghanistan must realize that the capital crime, obscenity and malevolence of US and its puppets will never ever end because war and bloodshed lies in the nature of their ideology. The only way out is to work collaboratively to entirely eradicate the military, intelligence, political, intellectual and economic influence of US and NATO, and to formulate our fate and life based on the vital and humane values ​​of Islam – because it is only Islam that brings tranquility and peace. Therefore, referring to any agenda other than Islam is the continuation of war and misery of the past.

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