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Media Office
Wilayah Afghanistan

H.  23 Ramadan 1443 No: Afg. 1443 / 14
M.  Sunday, 24 April 2022

Press Release
The Recent Deadly Explosions Demonstrate the Resumption of Western and Regional Countries’ Intelligence Networks in Afghanistan!

Over the past week, Afghanistan has witnessed several targeted explosions that took the life of more than 100 people. The victims of these terror campaigns were mostly worshipers and schoolchildren, most of whom belong to Hazara ethnic group.

The Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir / Wilayah Afghanistan condemns these attacks in the strongest possible terms, supplicating Jannah for the dead ones, immediate healing for the wounded, and serenity for the families of the victims. In fact, carrying out such brutal attacks, particularly during the Holy month of Ramadhan, speaks of nothing but blatant animosity against the Muslims of Afghanistan, violating all Islamic values.

We believe that after the humiliating withdrawal of the US and NATO from Afghanistan, a large part of the intelligence networks and spies of the West and regional countries had either disappeared or disbanded, suspending their activities in Afghanistan. The recent explosions demonstrate that those disintegrated intelligence networks have reestablished their havens, resuming their activities – as they intend to exert pressure on the Islamic Emirate by carrying out explosions and causing killings of innocent people. The purpose of these pressures is seemingly aimed at pushing the Islamic Emirate to enter into intelligence cooperation with the US, the West and the regional countries and imposing their political demands over IEA. Yet, such pressures have not been successful.

In fact, lack of access to credible intelligence materials has turned into one of the most serious security challenges for US in Afghanistan. As Richard Clarke, US Commander of Special Operations Command, recently stated at the Congress that the US intelligence capability in Afghanistan has reduced so far as the US forces have not carried out any counterterrorism attacks in Afghanistan since the withdrawal. Meanwhile, the US senators expressed deep concerns over the decline of US intelligence capabilities in Afghanistan.

Although the recent attacks are attributed to ISIS, it is indeed the US and the UN that, like the 20 years of occupation, have always magnified and campaigned for their own intelligence and military acts with the support of their officials’ statements – as they have been doing so this year, attributing the attacks to ISIS. While carrying out such deadly attacks with sophisticated intelligence tactics, targeting a particular ethnic group, race and religion at sacred and religious places is beyond the ability of a group [ISIS] that has been severely repressed by the Islamic Emirate for the past eight months. These are mere propaganda of UN officials and the US officials aimed at magnifying the existence of ISIS so that American, Western and regional countries’ intelligence networks could pursue their destructive missions under the guise of ISIS in Afghanistan.

Following the humiliating defeat and full withdrawal of US occupation forces, the influence of US and the West had almost sunk to zero in Afghanistan, the Islamic Emirate must not only have realized the opportunity but must have also not allowed them to infiltrate again. Since that time, the Islamic Emirate should have fully implemented the Sharia inside the country and have started to carry Islam beyond the borders, while trying to increase its influence among the Mujahedeen of Afghanistan. Because one of the sheer responsibilities of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has been to protect the lives, blood and dignity of the people, and one of the most important ways to reduce the pressures of the West is to cut ties with the West and strengthen closeness and build relation with the Ummah, especially the people of Afghanistan. The history has proven that any system [government] that was able to gain the trust of the people, relying on power with the satisfaction of people has brought about one of the strongest governments, making it to withstand the external pressures and sanctions like a stronghold. The Islamic Emirate must realize the importance of disengaging with the international secular institutions, the US and the West, while pushing for engagement with the Ummah, especially the people of Afghanistan. To make this happen, they must immediately disallow the enemy’s route of influence which is made through Western humanitarian assistance, UN agencies and implementing agencies.

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