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H.  23 Safar 1444 No: Afg. 1444 / 04
M.  Monday, 19 September 2022

 Press Release
If We Do Not Push the Infidel States in the Right Direction, They Will Push Us in the Wrong Direction!

In a press conference on September 14, the US State Department spokesman Ned Price said: “We have made very clear that we are not looking at recognition. We are looking at where – in our interests, only practical engagement, practical engagement that we hope will push the Taliban in the right direction, and will continue to engage with them on that basis until we see improvements in those areas that we care most about.”

The Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir / Wilayah Afghanistan considers the following points to be highlighted in this regard:

1. The reason why the US speaks of the “right direction” is because each government and system believes that it is only itself that is moving on the right direction. The US government, based on its secular ideas and colonial interests, also considers its direction to be right while believing that of the others to be wrong. When the US says that it will push the Islamic Emirate in the “right direction”, it actually wants to push the Islamic Emirate in the “wrong direction”, such as the direction of ‘secularism’, ‘secular world order’ and ‘liberal values’ while also encouraging the Islamic Emirate to join the Western club to help secure their interests in the region.

2. On the other hand, the State Department spokesperson has stated that America is looking at “practical engagement” to engage with the Islamic Emirate to push them in the “right direction”. Indeed, the term “practical engagement” refers to the same strategy and policies that have been waged by the Western powers, especially the US, against the Islamic Ummah for decades. Alternatively, the “Carrot and Stick” policy is deemed as the practical steps through which the US tries to push the Islamic Emirate in the direction of the Western values and its colonial interests. The financial assistance and political engagement refer to the “Carrot” policy while political pressure, economic sanctions, freezing the Afghan assets, conducting aerial attacks, mysterious intelligence-related explosions are translated as “Stick” policy. Correspondingly, the call to forming an inclusive [representative] government, respecting human rights, women’s rights, countering terrorism, not allowing Afghanistan turn into a safe haven for terrorists, etc., are the practical demands through which the US tries to push the Islamic Emirate in a direction that itself considers as the “right” one.

3. Every ideological government has its own firm narratives [Aqeedah] based on which it defines what is good and what is bad – it also measures what’s benefitting it and what’s causing harm. America, claiming herself to be the leader of the liberal world order, on the one hand, believes that the world is headed in the right direction and “secularism” is the only right direction. On the other hand, when it speaks of the right direction in its foreign policy, it is actually referring to its colonial interests [directions] to push others to surrender to them. Whereas it must be reaffirmed that the right direction is the only direction that Allah (swt) has instructed us through the messages being disseminated by the last messenger, the Prophet (saw). Islam is the only right direction (straight path) which shall be implemented by an Islamic government in Dar-ul-Islam [the geography where Islam governs] and carried to Dar-ul-Kufr by means of Dawah and Jihad.

Therefore, if we do not undertake our responsibilities by fulfilling our mission; if we do not establish the Caliphate based on the Methods of Prophethood; and if we do not lead others toward Jannah [the Paradise] and the right direction by means of our firm Islamic foreign policy, others will lead us through Jahanum [the Hell]. It’s because when the “truth” intends to abandon the battlefield, the “falsehood” would happen to call itself as the truth, audaciously calling the others to join its club.

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