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The wiping away of the World means less to Allah than a Believer to be killed unjustly (Ibn Maja)

In an airstrike on Sunday, Feb the 21, NATO troops fired on a convoy of three vehicles in the south near the border of Uruzgan and Dai Kondi, killing at least 27 civilians, four women and a child, injuring another 12. The Afghan cabinet condemned the deaths as "unjustifiable" act and the NATO commander Stanley McChrystal said in a statement: "I have made it clear to our forces that we are here to protect the Afghan people and inadvertently killing or injuring civilians undermines their trust and confidence in our mission.''


  The rulers sacrificed our brave soldiers to protect the "elite blood" of the crusaders

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    After returning from Brussels, General Kayani met Urdu columnist of Pakistani papers and informed them of the "sacrifices" rendered by the Pakistan army in "war on terror". Later these details were released to the media by the public relation wing of the Pakistan armed forces, ISPR According to these details 30,452 people have been killed and injured from 9/11 to date in Pakistan. Out of these 8,785 are military personal while the rest of 21,673 are civilians. Of course these official statistics do not include the thousands of deaths not "officially verified". According to ISPR, some 2,273 Pakistani soldiers including 78 officers (one three star General, 2 two star generals and 5 brigadiers besides others) have lost their lives while 6,512 sustained injuries. On the other hand only 1582 US and NATO troops have been killed so far. On an average, 10 soldiers were killed or injured each day in 2009. The report adds that Pakistan has setup 821 border check post on the Pak-Afghan border, the Durand line, to stop the cross border movement of the militants while all the 43 nations NATO has only setup 112 check posts on the border. ISPR report proudly claim that Pakistan has arrested 17,742 "terrorist" so far and conducted 209 brigade level operation while the US has not even done 10 operations. 73 sleuths of intelligence agencies are killed and 264 injured while CIA lost only 11 agents. The biggest disclosure by Kayani was about the "silent surge" which Pakistan has undertaken in this area to increase its troops from earlier 90,000 levels to 147,000 while the 43 nations NATO troops deputed at the other side of the border are less than 100,000. Let's not forget that Pakistan has lost more than 35 billion dollar in this war as confirmed by Hina Rabbani Khar in the budget speech in the National assembly while the current year loss assessment has been more than 10 billion dollar as per Hafiz Pasha, Chairman planning commission. This is the price Pakistan is paying for this American war contracted by our rulers without paying even the smallest attention to the interest of Pakistan, Islam and the Muslims. This is the price we have not borne even in 1965 Pak India war and Kargil war combine.

   Earlier Kayani, while informing the foreign correspondents, told them the "five fundamentals" that was the basis of his strategy, consisting of public opinion, media support, army's capability and resolve, owning this war as ‘our war' not ‘US war' and a comprehensive strategy based on four phases namely clear, hold, build and transfer. However the strange part of this strategy is that public opinion against the operation was suppressed only through the bomb blast that occurred in the public places and this forced the large portion of media, not to criticize the bloody operations that displaced millions in extreme hot and cold seasons. The army chief statement was later published in media saying it was our operations that reduced attacks on the NATO troops on the other side of the border, thus disclosing the real aim of the operations.

   Thus, it is clear that it is only the traitor rulers of Pakistan who have given the crucial support to the crusaders to stay in Afghanistan through the "rent an army" service and through providing vital logistic routes to the US. Had there been a K000 in Pakistan, there would have been no America in this region from the very onset. And only Allah Knows how many American and NATO soldiers will be prisoners of war (PoWs) once K000 is established in Pakistan, which is not a distant future.

Imran Yousafzai

Deputy Spokesman of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Pakistan


In the Name of Allah, The Gracious, The Merciful White Paper Ineptly Maintains Focus on Symptoms, not Causes, of Terrorism

  Sydney, Australia, 24th February 2010 - Kevin Rudd yesterday revealed the Australian Government's latest White Paper on Counter-Terrorism. In expressing the findings of the paper Mr. Rudd stated that the threat of terrorism was not diminishing, it had in fact become a permanent feature of Australia's security environment, with an increased threat from people born or raised in Australia.


Press Release Hizb ut-Tahrir organized demonstration in Dhaka calling for the removal of Sheikh Hasina and her government    

     Hundreds of people attended a demonstration organized by Hizb ut-Tahrir today calling for the removal of Sheikh Hasina and her government and the re-establishment of the Khilafah "Caliphate". The demonstration started from Muktangon and finished outside the national press club. Before finishing the programme, a senior member of the party delivered a speech in which he said, despite the government's repressive measures, Hizb ut-Tahrir organized the demonstration to speak for the Ummah and on behalf of the Ummah. He said the Muslims of the country want to see the back of Sheikh Hasina and her government. Sheikh Hasina is a loyal agent of the crusaders and polytheists - US, Britain and India.

The government of Sheikh Hasina collaborated with the Indian polytheist state in the killing of army officers at the BDR headquarters in February 2009 to weaken the BDR and the Army of Bangladesh.   Her government is securing the interests of imperialist powers, but it has done nothing to fulfil its promises to the people. The subservient stance taken by Sheikh Hasina and her government is a crime against Islam, and the Muslims.  

The speaker said the root cause of the country's problems is the kufr democratic system. Khaleda Zia and the BNP alliance is not an alternative to Sheikh Hasina and the Awami League alliance. Only the Khilafah "Caliphate" can fulfil the needs of the Ummah and challenge the imperialist disbelievers and polytheists. Hizb ut-Tahrir urges the people to reject the government of Sheikh Hasina and the kufr democratic system. And calls upon the people of power, the descendants of Khalid ibn Walid to give the party nusrah to remove the current government and re-establish the Khilafah "Caliphate".  


Headline news for 21-2-2010

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  • France pledges peanuts whilst it owes Haiti billions
  • Global Economic Wars: Wall street behind Greece's debt burden
  • Clinton: Iran is becoming a military dictatorship
  • Pakistan is America's greatest concern
  • China decries Obama-Dalai Lama meeting

News Detailes:

France pledges peanuts whilst it owes Haiti billions
French President Nicolas Sarkozy has pledged earthquake-ravaged Haiti 270m euros (£235m) in reconstruction aid. The aid package includes cancelling 56m euros (£48m) in debt owed by Haiti. However, the legacy of French colonial rule is still a bitter issue for many Haitians. Haiti won independence in 1804 after a bloody uprising by slaves against the French. But, Paris demanded 90 million pieces of gold in reparations for lost property and Haiti did not finish repaying the debt until 1947. By some estimates the amount paid by Haitians is worth $20 billion at today's value.
Clearly, France's mantra of liberty and  equality is not applicable to Haitians.

Global Economic Wars: Wall street behind Greece's debt burden
European leaders have criticised Goldman Sachs and other investment banks following allegations that they helped Greece to disguise the true scale of its debts over several years. "It's a scandal if it turned out that the same banks that brought us to the brink of the abyss helped to fake the statistics," Germany's chancellor Angela Merkel said in a speech at a conference in Germany Wednesday night. Eurostat, the European Union's statistical office, has already asked Greece to clarify the use of some derivatives contracts set up from 2001 with banks including Goldman Sachs. Greek officials and banking sources claim those contracts were legal until Eurostat stopped accepting them a few years later. Bankers have claimed that Greece set an artificially low exchange rate, which meant the amount of debt it was taking on appeared lower. Goldman would hand Greece the difference upfront, to compensate for the loss. This money, which resembled a loan rather than a bond, would therefore not count as public debt. The European Parliament's economic and monetary affairs committee has also urged EU commissioner Olli Rehn to explain the banks' role, and to specify what action he plans to take "to stop banks assisting European governments in hiding public debt", Arlene McCarthy, the committee's vice-president said recently. The crisis is spreading towards other European countries with a high public deficit, including Spain, Italy and Portugal.

Clinton: Iran is becoming a military dictatorship
Iran is veering toward a military dictatorship -- that's the word from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  Speaking in Qatar on Monday, Clinton said Iran's Revolutionary Guard is increasingly dominating the government in Tehran. She made the comments as she seeks support for tougher sanctions targeting Iran's nuclear program.  "Iranian officials have refused every offer to meet on its nuclear program," said Clinton. "So these actions, understandably, have caused us to wonder, what does Iran have to hide?" Clinton's words were among the strongest she's used since President Obama offered to engage with Iran. Clinton's trip to Qatar is part of an effort to gather support for tough, new sanctions against Iran, and she made her case by warning that the country is becoming a military dictatorship. "We are planning to try to bring the world community together in applying pressure to Iran through sanctions adopted by the United Nations that will be particularly aimed at those enterprises controlled by the Revolutionary Guard which we believe is, in effect, supplanting the government of Iran," she said. "That is how we see it."

Pakistan is America's greatest concern
US vice president Joe Biden has admitted he sees instability in Pakistan as a greater threat to international security than Afghanistan, Iran or Iraq. Speaking on Larry King Live, Mr Biden said that the combined effect was to make Pakistan his "greatest concern". "It's a big country," he said. "It has nuclear weapons that are able to be deployed. It has a real significant minority of radicalised population. It is not a completely functional democracy in the sense we think about it."

China decries Obama-Dalai Lama meeting
Chinese Vice-Foreign Minister Cui Tiankai Friday summoned the U.S. Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman and lodged solemn representations over U.S. President Barack Obama's meeting with the Dalai Lama.  "The U.S. act grossly interfered in China's internal affairs, gravely hurt the Chinese people's national sentiments and seriously damaged the Sino-U.S. ties, " said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu in a further statement Friday.   In spite of China's strong opposition, U.S. President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met respectively with the Dalai Lama in Washington on Thursday.  "Tibet is an inalienable part of the inviolable territory of China, and the issues concerning Tibet are purely internal affairs of China," Ma said.  China firmly opposes leaders or government officials of any country meeting the Dalai Lama in any form, and also firmly opposes any country or anyone using the Dalai Lama issue to interfere in its internal affairs, he added.  "The Dalai Lama's words and deeds have shown that he is not a pure religious figure, but a political exile who has all along been engaged in separatist activities under the pretext of religion," the spokesman said.


Sons of Democracy (rulers) have prepared Afghanistan's Educational Curriculum in Opposition to Islam

Implementation of Capitalist ideology and Democratic system during last nine years in Afghanistan has undermined Islamic rulings in every aspect of life and the educational curriculum is one of them, that is filled by un-Islamic thoughts and rulings such as non Islamic standpoint about universe based on separation of religion from life and politics, absolute freedoms of (belief, expression, individual and ownership), civil society, human rights and teachings of gender or sexual relationship instead of noble Islamic thoughts and rulings.

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