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H.  6 Rabi' II 1432 No:
M.  Friday, 11 March 2011

Press Release
Abbott Peddles Lies about Hizb ut Tahrir Share

Tony Abbott gave the keynote speech at the United Israel Appeal function in Melbourne on 8 March 2011. His speech centered on his acknowledgement of Jewish contribution to Australia, and his support for Israel. He also mentioned in his speech that, "We must accept that whether it be religious or irreligious extremism, it should have no place in a settled pluralist democracy such as Australia, and I should mention Hizb ut Tahrir in this context whose leaders have gone on the public record calling for the killing of Jewish people."

 In regards to this speech by the Leader of the Opposition, Hizb ut Tahrir in Australia, states the following:

 1. Mr. Abbott's assertion against Hizb ut Tahrir is an outright fabrication. No one from Hizb ut Tahrir has called for the killing of Jewish people. We challenge Mr. Abbott to substantiate this allegation.

 2. Hizb ut Tahrir's criticisms have been in relation to ‘Israel', which we maintain is an illegitimate state built on the killing and forced expulsion of the people of Palestine.

 3. Being anti-Israel does not equate to being anti-Jewish or anti-Semitic. This is no more than a convenient conflation made with intent to claim victimhood and blur realities. Islam does not discriminate between people on the basis of race, religion or ethnicity. It distinguishes between people only on the basis of piety in the eyes of God - on their deeds in the struggle of truth and justice. Hence Hizb ut Tahrir and Muslims globally are against unjust all occupations, invasions and oppression, regardless of the race of the perpetrator.

 4. Accusations of extremism and violence coming from those who support ‘Israel' have no credibility. It is ‘Israel' that consistently uses violence to maintain a state built upon violence. It is ‘Israel' that has oppressed the people of Palestine for over half a century. It is ‘Israel' that continues to forcibly expel people from the land and homes to expand its settlements.

 5. The reality is that Mr. Abbott, and the political establishment more broadly, has a problem, not with Hizb ut-Tahrir, but with Islam itself. Lacking the courage to admit this they adopt covers in the form of Islamic symbols, attire, values, rules, and organisations, which they routinely attack. It is what Hizb ut-Tahrir stands for that they have a problem with: the removal of Western interference in the Muslim World and the rejection of integrationist policies locally.

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