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Wilayah Bangladesh

H.  5 Sha'aban 1429 No:
M.  Thursday, 07 August 2008

Press Release
Democratic Elections are a Deception and Will Not Change the Conditions of the People

Chief Coordinator and Official Spokesman of Hizb ut-Tahrir, in Bangladesh Mohiuddin Ahmed in a press release issued today said that elections in the democratic system are a deception. The country has had many elections in the past similar to the recenlty held city corporation and minicipal elections. There is nothing new for the people in this election. Rather, the imperislists nations have strengthened their grip on Bangladesh through this election. The elctions in the democratic system will not change the conditions of the people.

Few days before this election, Muslims throughout the world remembered and observed the KHILAFAH Destruction Day. It has become evident now that the Islamic Ummah wants to be liberated from the corrupt capitalist democratic system and live by the KHILAFAH system. Mohiuddin Ahmed urged the people to increase their efforts to establish the KHILAFAH.

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