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H.  1 Dhu al-Qi'dah 1444 No: 1444 AH / 037
M.  Sunday, 21 May 2023

Press Release
India Fails Again to Present the Truth about Hizb ut Tahrir to its Public

On 10 May 2023, certain news platforms including text and television reported about detentions of up to 16 Muslims in two cities – Bhopal and Hyderabad. The scandalous allegations attacked Hizb ut Tahrir as a ‘Terrorist’ organization intending to wage ‘Jihad’ against India. References made to ‘unknown’ sources to different intelligence agencies (state and union) including some ‘foreign’ agencies. Possession of printed material of Hizb ut Tahrir books by those detained were made the basis of the allegations. Since then different versions of the allegations have been doing its rounds online, including some linking the 16 Muslims arrested to an ongoing case of Hizb ut Tahrir members in the state of Tamil Nadu. (Source)

The largest democracy in the world proves time and again, that it can never be bothered with the Truth for the sake of Truth. After taking a judicial caning in the ongoing case, the Modi government is desperately catching straws to send feelers to different segments of the society (including Judiciary) to tarnish the opinion of Hizb ut Tahrir so it can distance the public from the call of Hizb ut Tahrir thus projecting compliance to foreign government demands’. The irony as it may seem, is that the media agencies prove that they could care no less. This is happening in India, when world-wide peoples’ confidence in Democracy (of many forms) has eroded significantly and one of the prominent reasons being people are convinced that they are being repeatedly conned in all spheres of life – ruling, political, economic and social. It does not come as a surprise, for Modi stunned the world recently when presenting to a global forum on Democracy, that India was the ‘mother’ of Democracies, giving a cringe to the Indian public, intellectuals and establishment, save the few hot-heads who are keen to swallow anything that Modi would say without caring for truth. The famous chronicler Al-Biruni when documenting what he saw in terms of practices in the Indian region during his travels in 1016 CE, observed that the so called ‘Hindu-scholars’ in India are fond of exaggerations and lies when they present their knowledge of religion and history to the public, often endorsed by the rulers of their time! And in the recent past one could see how movie-fiction gets endorsed as ‘facts’ by the ignorant BJP leadership from ‘The Kashmir Files’ to ‘The Kerala Story’. Perhaps the situation has never changed wherein the personality traits of the enemies of Islam is consistent in covering the truth with lies, only to be made worse by the farce of democracy.

Hizb ut Tahrir will not tire from repeating the truth, for the sake of truth, despite the lies that governments and their heads and agents perpetrate on the people of India. Hizb ut Tahrir presents the Khilafah (Caliphate) ruling system to the Muslim world. Its method to reestablish the Khilafah system is strictly limited to intellectual and political call to the exclusion of any form of coercive methods such as arms and violence as against the Shariah method to establish the Khilafah system.

It presents this call to Muslims for their consideration and will continue to do so, regardless of the slander from those who oppose it. Such scandalous allegations indeed have enabled the influential to see through the truth for indeed truth has its appeal unlike anything else. These events only reveal the weakness of the callers of Jahiliyah in the face of truth. Allah (swt) will support the sincere callers right through the machinations of those who oppose the truth, Bith’nillah.

We in Hizb ut Tahrir are representatives of the Ummah of Islam. We call on all humankind, Muslims and non-Muslims, to embrace Islam as a civilized alternative, and to abandon capitalist secularism and democracy that have made humanity miserable, impoverished and divided, including the people of India. And we call on every sincere person who has loyalty to his people to find out from the claims of the paid media mouthpieces of the extremists who are followers and servants of the capitalists, whom are the only beneficiaries in distorting the image of Islam and its people, so that they can continue to enslave the people in the name of freedom and democracy, while we Muslims are a people whom Allah has sent us to bring the people out of the worship of people to the worship of Allah, the Lord of the people, and from the narrowness of this world to the vastness of this world and the Hereafter, and from the oppression of religions to the justice of Islam.

[إِنَّهُ مَن يَأْتِ رَبَّهُ مُجْرِمًا فَإِنَّ لَهُ جَهَنَّمَ لَا يَمُوتُ فِيهَا وَلَا يَحْيى]

“Verily whoever comes to his Lord as a Mujrim (criminal, polytheist, sinner, disbeliever in the Oneness of Allah and His Messengers), then surely, for him is Hell, wherein he will neither die nor live”.[TMQ: TaHa 20:74]

Eng. Salah Eddine Adada
Director of the Central Media Office
of Hizb ut Tahrir

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