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H.  2 Rajab 1445 No: 1445 AH / 021
M.  Sunday, 14 January 2024

 Press Release
While Satellite Channels Broadcast Live Scenes of the Killing of the People of Gaza
The International Court of Justice of the “International Community” Convenes to Search for Evidences!

The first session of the International Court of Justice was held on Thursday, 11th January 2024, to view the evidences presented by the State of South Africa regarding the Jewish entity committing crimes of genocide against the people of Gaza. They are continuing their hearings process and the people are waiting, perhaps they will reach a conclusion that condemns the Jewish entity. No one knows if they have succeeded in proving what is proven and documented, and if the major powers will allow the results of the trial to have an effective impact if the Jewish entity is convicted.

There is no doubt that this position of the people of South Africa is appreciated, as they have been taking such positions towards the people of Palestine for decades in keeping with their humanity and the suffering they faced from decades of colonialism and racial discrimination in their country. This is a position that is credited to them, and the Islamic Ummah is a loyal nation that does not forget its supporters. They supported Gaza in this situation being thousands of kilometers away from it, while the Muslim rulers failed it and they surround it and the Jewish entity like a bracelet around the wrist.

As for the other side of this picture, it is the lies that are thrown in the face of the Islamic Ummah. The people of Gaza are required to stand before the Western judiciary, covered in their own blood, carrying the bodies of their children in their hands, and behind them the rubble of their destroyed cities. Then they must prove that they were oppressed! Outside the court, the Western media is waiting for them, with false arguments, misleading, and lying, and asks them, “Do you condemn what happened on October 7th?!

The West’s position is like, “Your blood, your land, and your money are not inviolable, O Muslims, and we will allow the Jewish entity to kill your children, your women, and your elderly, and to destroy your homes as we killed and destroyed in Iraq and Afghanistan, and you have no right to object”. And if you say that Palestine is an occupied Islamic land, then the anti-Semitism laws are ready to persecute you and oppress those who sympathize with you. You must say that we are the humanitarian ones and that you are the terrorists even if you dislike to do so, and you must condemn yourselves. Do not forget that you are colonized and we are the ones who colonized you, and our justice is the justice of the victor, you have no rights except as much as we decide.”

This is what the position of the West is like in its bias towards the Jewish entity and its hypocrisy with the Muslims.

As for us, Muslims in our land, the question that breaks the heart is: How can our armies accept to continue watching the massacres, the betrayal of the rulers, the insolence of the occupation, the support of the West, and the fallacy of its media, while they hear the cries of those seeking help, “Where are you, O Muslim armies?!”

The Jewish entity faltered after the Al-Aqsa Flood Operation and almost spiraled to its collapse. Its madness in bombing the people of Gaza and the West’s complete support for its crimes was only because the entity was on the brink of abyss. Since that moment it has been floundering in searching for a way to turn back the clock, to a day before October 7, 2023 when it thought that it will find safety in the treacherous process of normalization. Had an attack been launched against it from another front, the Blessed Land of Palestine would have been liberated before the end of October. The tours of US Secretary of State Antony Blinken were only to prevent the opening of another front against the entity, as he stated in his first tours in the region.

This is the path to liberating the Blessed Land of Palestine: the mobilization of Muslim armies to its support, as the Jewish entity is still reeling to this day, it only needs an hour’s patience. The Muslim armies are capable of this, as they have the same planes and bombs that the Jewish entity uses to bomb Gaza. If a squadron of Muslim armies’ planes raided the entity’s capital and rained bombs on it, as the Jews do in Gaza, it would be its end. There is a stark difference between the composure of the Muslims and the fading resolve of the Jewish entity.

As for the so-called institutions of the international community, none of them are more than a complaints box. They cannot take any meaningful action unless one of the colonial countries implements it in a way that benefits its own interests. The essence of the Palestine issue is that colonialism was the one that usurped it due to its importance, then gave it to the Jews to preserve its interests in it. The West protects them from being expelled from it, so what can be expected from these institutions after that?!

The rulers of the Jewish entity and the rulers of Muslim countries are equal. They have made the Muslim people prisoners in their countries, if they rise up, they are beaten, bombed, and crushed. This vicious circle will not be broken unless the sincere Muslim soldiers move and remove the rulers and support the Blessed Land of Palestine.

Allah (swt) says:

[وَإِنِ اسْتَنصَرُوكُمْ فِي الدِّينِ فَعَلَيْكُمُ النَّصْرُ] “And if they seek help of you for the religion, then you must help” [Al-Anfal: 72].

Eng. Salah Eddine Adada
Director of the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir

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