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H.  10 Dhu al-Hijjah 1445 No: 1445 AH / 042
M.  Sunday, 16 June 2024

Press Release
The Nuseirat Massacre Exposes the Religion of Kufr
And Exposes the United States’ Sponsorship and Support for the Criminal Entity

On 8 June 2024, the Jewish entity committed a horrific massacre in the Nuseirat camp in the Gaza Strip with American assistance under the pretext of “rescuing 4 detainees” held by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and liberating them from its hands.

The entity’s forces disguised as humanitarian relief workers infiltrated the camp via a truck departing from the American port - which was allegedly established to provide humanitarian aid - and launched intense and violent air, land and sea attacks for approximately two hours on the central market area, which is crowded daily with thousands of residents in Nuseirat camp and the surrounding areas, which later affected most areas of the central Gaza Strip. This operation - according to a statement issued by the Euro-Mediterranean Observatory - led to the martyrdom of more than 200 Palestinians and the injury of hundreds of others, the majority of whom were women and children, according to the preliminary statistic that may increase as recovery operations continue. The Euro-Mediterranean Observatory confirmed that pretending to use means of transport designated for humanitarian aid, and wearing clothing of humanitarian relief workers as a cover constitutes a crime of treachery.

Thus, this operation revealed that this port was nothing but a strategic military source designed to support the Zionist aggression. Despite the hunger that our people in Gaza are suffering from and the dire humanitarian situation, this port, and despite the region’s need for 700 aid trucks, has facilitated the entry of less than 150 trucks only, making America’s participation in this criminal operation clear and revealing once again its support and sponsorship of this brutal entity and its assistance to it in its crimes. This port was only established to achieve military aims.

What America and the Jewish entity are doing completely contradicts the most important principles of international law and human rights, which exclude targeting of civilians, schools, and hospitals. These crimes that target innocent children and women cannot be justified in any way whatsoever. But these two killers are working to promote another interpretation that is different from the concepts of human rights, in order to find exits and explanations for the ongoing violations they commit.

Is America not responsible for the horrific massacres in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Yemen? Is it not the one that raised the slogan of “fighting terrorism” to kill thousands of Muslim children and women and is not questioned about the innocent blood it shed? Does the international courts, under its supervision and funding, not enact laws that serve its interests and are tailored to its crimes, so that they can escape punishment and accountability? The US Congress has previously enacted laws to protect the military and political leaders of the Jewish entity from the procedures of the International Criminal Court. US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller made a statement justifying the occupation's crimes against civilians in the Gaza Strip. While commenting on the massacre that occurred at a school housing displaced people in Nuseirat in Gaza, Miller pointed out that “Hamas fighters used the site, which indicates that the presence of militants makes civilians inside legitimate targets.”

The United States, which is at the same time supervising the “truce” talks, does not hesitate to justify this criminal operation, which makes us even more certain that the blood of the people of Gaza, their children and women is of no significance to it and is outside the scope of its calculations and considerations, its cunning and its plans.

Why did this horrific massacre and other massacres not arouse the chivalry in the Ummah and renew its blood to defend every part of its body that hurts and yearns for justice and mercy, so that peace can be established among people through the rule of Allah’s Shariah and the spread of Islam?

How long will this silence last while the blood of innocents is shed by the hands of criminals and is violated by enemies? Where are the Ummah's scholars? Where are the heirs of the prophets?

Why is there failure in the face of the kuffar’s cooperation and guardianship over each other? Where are the believers who are allies of one another? Why do they fail to extend a helping hand to their brothers? Where is their support for the oppressed who seek their help in their Deen? Where is Salah ud-Din, who will liberate Al-Aqsa from the desecration of the Jews? Where are Al-Fatih and Baybars? Who will stop this criminal entity and its ally, which sets laws and runs the world as it pleases? Who will strike with an iron hand other than the Islamic State (the Caliphate), which will stand on guard against anyone who dares to attack an inch of its territory or one of its citizens?

We, in the Women's Section of the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir, condemn and denounce these massacres, and we call on the Muslim armies for a powerful move that will stun the enemies and heal the hearts of our people in Gaza, whether they are youth, children or women. We call on them to support them and support the call of truth, which calls for the establishment of an Islamic state in which the Islamic rulings are implemented and Muslims, and indeed all people, are treated fairly.

Let the sincere people of the Ummah hasten to attain this great honour in order to please their Lord, and He (swt) will satisfy them with a noble position and Gardens of Bliss.

Women’s Section
in The Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir

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