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H.  28 Jumada I 1440 No: 1440 AH / 015
M.  Monday, 04 February 2019

Press Release
How the Past Resembles Today... The Scenes Continue and So Do the Spectators!

The usurper soldiers of the Jewish entity killed a girl from Palestine with a barrage of bullets at the al-Za'im checkpoint, east of occupied Al-Quds (Jerusalem). The martyr is a high school student who was carrying her school bag at the time of her execution; she was killed for allegedly attempting to carry out a stabbing operation. The occupying soldiers prevented ambulance crews from reaching her to revive her. She was left to bleed to death.

Another crime is added to the series of crimes and massacres that reflect the Jewish entity’s terrorism and brutality against the people of Palestine, the young men and women, the elderly and children, which they justify with false arguments and false ready pretexts, i.e. stabbing attempt. We did not hear or see any uproar or upheaval from human rights advocates and children and women rights’ activists, nor of the regimes of humiliation in the Islamic countries. The martyr, Samah Mubarak, may Allah (swt) have mercy on her, was under 16 years old and was only carrying her books and notebooks, and her belief and creed in her heart and behavior. This made her refuse to lift the niqab off her face, the thing that struck terror in their hearts that made her in their view worthy of killing and leaving her to bleed to death!! Even the videos they published show only a veiled girl entering the checkpoint, and then they shot at her from a close range, without a sin or a crime but due only to her niqab (veil). They then claimed that she tried to stab one of them! How today resembles yesterday, when they killed martyr Hadeel Al-Hashlamon, may Allah have mercy on her, years ago for the same reason and with the same scenario and scene!

This crime coincided with the issuance of a statement by the so-called League of Arab States, in which it affirmed its full support for the rights of the Palestinians of 1948 and called on the international community, the United Nations and the Human Rights Council to shoulder their responsibilities towards them!! Nor did we hear condemnation, objection, or even condolence from the authority of shame and humiliation, but when a settler or an occupier Jewish soldier is killed, it does not rest until it hands over the one who carried out the deed to the Jews ... How wretched is what they practice!

O People of the Blessed Land (Palestine),

How long will the silence and disappointment remain on this Authority, which served the Jews with all their political, economic, social, intellectual and cultural plans!! How long will you remain silent over this Authority, the tax collector not the guardian! This is an agent Authority and the security arm of the Jews!! Is it not time for you to seek the right solution, which will uproot the Jews and liberate the land and bring honour? No organizations, no conferences, no statements, no puppet governments, and traitor rulers, who sold the Ummah's capabilities and resources cheaply, will benefit you. Only a strong state that governs by Islam will restore the right to its owners and safeguard women, children, the elderly and young men. This is the second Khilafah Rashida (guided Caliphate) on the method of Prophethood, which will strike with an iron hand every wrongdoer that does not honour kin and covenants with the believers. Allah (swt) says:

﴿فَسَوْفَ يَأْتِي اللهُ بِقَوْمٍ يُحِبُهُمْ وَيُحِبُونَهُ أَذِلَةً عَلَى الْمُؤمِنِينَ أَعِزَةٍ عَلَى الكَافِرينَ يُجَاهِدُونَ فِي سَبِيلِ الله وَلا يَخَافُونَ لَوْمَةَ لائِمٍ ذَلِكّ فَضْلُ اللهِ يُؤتِيهِ مَنْ يَشَاءُ وَاللهُ وَاسِعٌ عَلِيمٌ

“…Allah will bring forth [in place of them] a people He will love and who will love Him [who are] humble toward the believers, powerful against the disbelievers; they strive in the cause of Allah and do not fear the blame of a critic. That is the favor of Allah; He bestows it upon whom He wills. And Allah is all-Encompassing and Knowing” [Al-Ma’ida: 54]

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