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H.  14 Sha'aban 1445 No: 1445 AH / 025
M.  Saturday, 24 February 2024

 Press Release
The Suffering of Gaza's Women Violated, do they have an Avenger?
and has the Islamic Ummah Lost its Mu’tasem?!

A UN report revealed on Monday that a number of women and girls in the Gaza Strip have been raped by the occupying Jewish army. The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights said today that its experts are concerned about reports indicating that Palestinian women and girls held captive have been subjected to various forms of sexual assault. The United Nations stated that there are documented reports of gross human rights violations that Palestinian women and girls continue to face in Gaza and the West Bank. (Quds Network, 19/02/2024)

It's shameful that the news reveals experts from the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights "expressing concern" and the Commissioner feeling "particularly saddened" by reports indicating that Palestinian women and girls held by the occupying forces have been subjected to stripping and searching by officers of the occupying army.

It is a disgrace upon the Islamic Ummah that these international organizations, spawned from the womb of the capitalist system, feel concern and sorrow over these reports while the Islamic Ummah remains in a deep slumber, accustomed to these horrifying scenes and loud cries without stirring to action!

It is disgraceful that these international organizations once again exploit their concern and sorrow - those that have dropped the war on Gaza and exposed the hypocrisy of their slogans and flashy titles they raise - while Muslim women are violated and their dignity is trampled upon without the blood boiling in the veins of the Ummah's men!

It is painful that the Islamic Ummah has lost touch with what is happening, and it is saddening that it has become accustomed to witnessing massacres and genocides of its children without demanding action from its rulers... Rather, it is regrettable that this usurping entity persists in humiliating the people of Gaza by starving them, oppressing them, demolishing their homes, displacing them, and today, by daring to violate the dignity of women...

O Islamic Ummah: these are your sisters seeking your support, so where is your response to their calls?! Where are your men, and why this disgusting silence?! If you do not get angry for your honor and the dignity of your daughters and women violated by these criminals, then when will you get angry?! If their screams and pleas do not move you, then when will you be moved?!

O Islamic Ummah: Gaza is being destroyed, witnessing every day a massacre worse than the previous one, while the men of the Ummah sit idle! If only their blood would flow in their veins again, so they could come back to life, to provide and fiercely defend their dignity!

Rise up, O Islamic Ummah, and turn towards those treacherous rulers who are the shadow of this criminal entity, sheltered by their shade and protected by them. Tear down their thrones, for if the shadow fades, so will this monstrous entity with it. Call for a state to gather your scattered people and unify your voice!

And O Scholars of the Islamic Ummah, O Inheritors of the Prophets: where are you regarding what is happening to the women of Gaza?! By Allah, you will be held accountable for your silence and your negligence... You will face from Allah what you deserve for your failure to guide the Ummah of your prophet to the path of salvation from the humiliation and weakness that allow the basest of creatures to dare to violate its women! Speak your word and fear not blame in Allah, and follow the example of the honorable and sincere scholars of the Ummah, whose names are immortalized, and who have achieved honor, high status, and the pleasure of their Allah and His Jannat (paradise).

O Scholars: the war on Gaza is a war of Aqeedah, a crusade against Islam, so what have you offered to your Deen? Have you not supported it?

This war has shown that the nation of kufr (disbelief) has united and rushed to stand with this usurping entity, which has been implanted in the heart of the nation to prevent its unity and hinder its gathering under one Raya ruled by one Imam who applies the law of its Lord... It is a war for which the infidel enemy has prepared armies to triumph for the army of the Jews, which was said to be "an invincible army," but Operation Al-Aqsa Flood revealed it as a cartoonish army that mocks it and its capabilities...

The nation of kufr wants to preserve the prestige of this "spoiled" entity, so it has prepared equipment and manpower for it to take revenge on the innocent people of Gaza. Here is America, for example, neglecting its war with Russia and China, swiftly sending its bombs and missiles to this entity to kill and destroy the people of Gaza. The nation of kufr, which is working to prolong the life of its Western civilization, rushes to aid this entity to ensure its survival and prevent the emergence of an entity that threatens its existence.

So where is the Ummah of faith?! Where are the armies of Muslims that will defend their brothers and protect the dignity of their sisters?! Is this not what you should be doing? Should you not arouse the spirits of the sincere among them to launch a unified effort that will show the nation of kufr what they have not heard of Muslims defending their sisters' honor?!

The occupation army captured images of detainees in humiliating conditions and posted them on the internet to further humiliate the people of Gaza and Muslims in general... The Euro-Mediterranean Observatory for Human Rights pointed out that the most dangerous testimonies it received were about detainees being directly sexually harassed, with some detainees reporting that "soldiers (‘Israelis’) harassed them, including touching their sensitive organs, forcing them to undress, and removing their veils."

So where are you, oh men of the Islamic Ummah?! Have you been struck with impotence?! Has the pride and protectiveness for your dignity died within you?!

According to a joint statement from the Prisoners and Liberated Affairs Authority, affiliated with the Palestine Liberation Organization, and the Prisoners Club, among the detainees are "infant children and elderly women." Where are you in the face of what your daughters, sisters, and mothers endure, the weak and oppressed?!

We, in the Women Section in the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir, do not doubt the sincerity of the men of the Islamic Ummah to their Deen, their protectiveness for it, their desire to support it, and raise its banner...

We are confident that among them are those whose blood boils when they hear news about Gaza and its children and women. Do not hesitate, O men, the best Ummah brought forth for humankind, to fulfill your role to achieve one of the two honors: victory or Shahada (martyrdom).
Declare it sincerely for Allah and His Deen, and Allah will surely aid those who aid His cause and will establish you as successors as He established those before you, and Allah is Almighty, All-Powerful.

O Scholars of Muslims: shed the garment of fear and humiliation and speak the truth, guiding the Ummah and the powerful to the path of salvation, and occupying your rightful place as heirs of the prophets, illuminating their path and guiding them to the truth and the path of victory.

And O Armies of Muslims: is there not among you one who will cast off the garment of cowardice, liberate himself from the shackles of his agent rulers, and declare a pure uprising in which he will triumph for the women of Gaza, Palestine, and all Muslim lands?!

We ask Allah that our call finds receptive ears that respond to it, answering the call and thereby satisfying the Lord of the earth and the heavens.

Women’s Section
in the Central Media Office of Hizb ut Tahrir

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