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H.  9 Muharram 1443 No: 1443 / 02
M.  Tuesday, 17 August 2021

Press Release
Twenty Years of Occupation have left Afghanistan in ruins and Danish Politicians are Complicit!

After twenty years of occupation, the warring Western nations, including Denmark, have left Afghanistan. For twenty years, Western states have caused the killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent children, women and men, and bombed the country to ruins. The war has been manipulatively interpreted as a war on terror and to allegedly "save" the Afghan people, especially the Afghan women.

The aggressive occupation, of which Denmark has been a part in the service of the United States, has collaborated with drug barons and corrupt warlords, created torture prisons and committed violent war crimes. The Twenty Years' War has been one long nightmare for the Afghan people, and the country is left in historical chaos and misery. At the same time, it has secured the Taliban full control of the country, as it did before the 2001 crusade.

It is difficult to see how Denmark's participation in the war has left Afghanistan in a better condition than before Danish politicians chose to join the American war and send young Danish men and women to death for this. The reality is that Denmark's participation leaves a bloody trail of death, destruction and state terror behind it!

Still, there is no self-examination to be traced among the Danish politicians, but instead an arrogant insistence on a retelling of the Taliban's treatment of women, to justify the participation in the war, which should only ensure that the phone was taken in Washington when the call came from Copenhagen!

Nor is there any self-examination among Danish media, which has uncritically acted as microphone holders for politicians for the past 20 years. Established so-called "free" Danish media have neglected that Denmark, as part of the brutal occupation, has participated in mass murder and instead confirmed the false narrative that Denmark has sent soldiers to save the poor burqa-clad Afghan women.

However, the Danish politicians' concern for women in Afghanistan sounds not just hollow, but is also an expression of a cultural arrogance that emerges at a time when violence is perpetrated on the constitution to restrict Muslim women's freedom in Denmark, while the Folketing itself drowns in MeToo scandals!

Denmark's participation in the occupation of Afghanistan is a historical blemish, which is only made clearer by the feverish evasion of responsibility and attempts to remove focus from the core of the matter, which we are currently witnessing from the Danish government and the responsible politicians.

Rather than acknowledging the defeat and the historical mistake, politicians repeat that they did not bomb the country in vain, and that Danish soldiers did not die in vain, probably mostly in a vain attempt to deceive themselves.

History will, however, condemn all accomplices in this bloody crusade as cynical war criminals who deserve public prosecution and severe punishment for their mass murder of Afghan men, women and children.

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