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H.  17 Sha'aban 1433 No: M 12/30
M.  Saturday, 07 July 2012

Press Release
The great project of Khilafah is the way for the revival of the Ummah


Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Raheem

Prayers and peace be upon the master of the messengers and all of his family and companions.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We welcome you here, at the Conference Hall at the Bar Association, which we had to resort to it after the General Assembly of the Press Union randomly and abruptly cancelled the contract it concluded with us. We had concluded the contact with the union since nearly two months, after we submitted a formal request on behalf of the party to rent the hall, explained clearly the theme of the conference and all of its details. Then, after the request being submitted to the administration of the union, we got the official acceptance, paid the due fees and signed the contract in full. Few days later, one week before the convening of the conference, where the call for the conference spread everywhere, we were surprised of news in the newspaper that the leader of the Press union cancelled the conference, without telling us in writing of anything. The first written communication we received was a notice hung on the door the union on 4/7/2012, ie three days before the time of conference!

The union brought initially flimsy excuses for the cancellation, such as a fire broke out on the fifth floor that damaged the building; but it admitted finally that there were pressures exerted on it by some press quarters - which do not want this conference to take place - that forced it to take the decision of cancellation .

Here we ask: How such an act comes from a body that claims to be the spearhead of defense of freedom of speech, and that it is its bulwark? How can this body be the first to follow the example of the former regime in preventing the thought and word; thus turning against its principles and all of its convictions?! Are these the products of liberalism and democracy, which they flaunt it? Indeed; this is its reality. If we look at their ideological masters in Europe, which are their qiblah, we find them had started this trend of preventing the Khilafah "Caliphate" conferences being held in their country. So they prevented them in Belgium, Austria and Germany; besides putting pressure on the da'wa carriers that bear the flag of Khilafah "Caliphate" everywhere. It is the freedom of opinion, which is allowed for them but forbidden for others!

We do not keep secret - Ladies and Gentlemen - that we expected such a thing to happen. It is another clear example how the advocates of this liberal secular ideology contradict themselves. And that their ideological thought is not sound, rather crooked and confused; and it is on the verge of falling and collapse once defiantly confronted with a true ideology.

We could have insisted on holding the conference in the Press Union or in front of it, especially we have the right; but we decided - after studying the matter and its implications from all of its aspects - to hold it in this alternative hall to avoid any clash in front of the union that malicious hidden hands might seek to instigate.

We in Hizb-ut Tahrir, hold a thought and an ideology, and want to present that in a constructive ideological dialogue; where we challenge an argument with an argument, without any noise or confrontation.

We have often been asked why we hold the Khilafah "Caliphate" Conference at this particular time. The answer to this comes from various angles:

There has been recently much talk about the way of revival in this country, especially after the elected President made this a motto in his election campaign. However, the methods of discussion about the causes of revival did not follow the sound path. So, they looked in the outcome of the revival instead of looking in its causes. Therefore, it was incumbent on Hizb-ut Tahrir, which supervises the thought of society and adopts the interests of this Ummah, to explain to the people the reality of revival. It is the intellectual elevation, which comes about by the presence of a collective idea about universe, man and life, from which a comprehensive system about worldly life emanates and is completely implemented.

Moreover, debate between the political elites in this country intensified- rather became the talk of the street - about the form of the new constitution, which will be enacted for Egypt. All the forces, including the so-called Islamist, agreed that it must be a concurrent constitution (ie pleases all forces), agreed by all sects and segments of society.

So, it was duty upon Hizb-ut Tahrir to show that concurrence here means that each group will insert in the Constitution issues based on its own viewpoint and interests. This ends up with a Constitution made up of mixed provisions, dictated by different and sometimes contradictory viewpoints.

Such a constitution -which is the general system that organizes the affairs of the people, the form of the state and the relationship between the ruler and the ruled- cannot lead to revival; it would rather inevitably lead to disorder and more decline.

The constitution must rather be taken from one pure source: from a doctrine ('aqeedah), ie from one collective idea. This 'aqeedah, from which the constitution and the system emerge, must be the doctrine which the people believe in, so that the people embrace its state and its leadership, and the state becomes strong by its people and proceeds briskly towards progress and prosperity. This is the case of the revolutions that have succeeded, and the people that revived all over the world.

We, Muslims, have no choice regarding the constitution and the provisions that are applied upon us, where we can agree on whatever we like, the way we like. We are rather obliged to commit ourselves to the legal provisions (ahkaam shar'iyyah) as they were revealed. Allah (SWT) says:

[وما كان لمؤمن ولا مؤمنة إذا قضى الله ورسوله أمراً أن يكون لهم الخيرة من أمرهم]

"Not a believer man or a believing woman is allowed to have a choice if Allah and His Messenger decided on any of their matters."

So, we take this conference as an opportunity to put in the hands of the Ummah in Egypt a constitution for the Khilafah "Caliphate" State, deduced from its Islamic faith and ready for implementation, which spares them research and concurrence on matters they are not in origin given choice in them. With this pure and clear constitution, derived from one source, revival takes place.

We want in this conference to present the project of revival in its proper form, and with its elaborated legal evidence, which has been unfortunately hidden from the minds of Muslims by the disbelieving colonialist.

We want to bring live examples about the ability of this project -represented in the Khilafah "Caliphate" State- to solve the problems of Egypt and the Islamic world in the twenty-first century. It rather carries within it the right solutions to the problems of the whole mankind, which whenever it comes out of a crisis it soon enters in another worse than it.

We also want at the end of the conference to get into a live and fruitful debate with the audience, to clarify some matters that remained hidden, and to crystallize some ideas we need to properly identify.

Last but not least, we welcome non-Muslim audience, to show them live examples that the Khilafah "Caliphate" State is the one that will see justice is done to them and restore to them their rights. It is the State that will truly protect their wealth, families and their blood. It is the one that equates between them and the Muslims before the law, and they will have the complete caring, and full rights.

The project of Khilafah "Caliphate" -distinguished guests- is a great project that deserves not a pause but many. We invite you to study, discuss and debate it. We ask Allah to make this conference a starter of wide intellectual interactions in Egypt, the Kinanah, which will eventually lead to convictions that include different groups of society, beside public awareness of the credibility and necessity of this project, which is fundamental for its success.

Thank you.

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