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H.  14 Shawwal 1432 No: 20/1432
M.  Monday, 12 September 2011

Press Release

The teachers' strike affecting both primary and secondary schools witnessed recently clearly indicates the existence of a series of ongoing problems that teachers face starting with poor salaries, inadequate teaching facilities and poor conditions at work. This is enough demonstration that the government does prioritise the issue of education contrary to its false claims. Consequently the Islamic party Hizb ut-Tahrir East Africa says the following;-

1. The government is not concerned about the interests of citizens: Considering that education is one of the fundamental rights of children, it is clear that any self-respecting government could not accept such strikes to happen. This is manifest injustice to public school children who mostly come from poor families who predominate in public schools, thus overburdening teachers resulting in poor education.

2. Corruption is endemic in the ministry of education: Large amount of funds allocated to the education sector to support construction of classrooms, buying text books etc end up in the stomach of education officials within the ministry yet there is no action taken despite exposures by the anti corruption commission and parliamentary committee on education. This is enough indication that graft is not only for the 'small fish' but is managed by the big fish. Recently the theft of billions for education was disclosed but the minister concerned was spared with no serious disciplinary and/or legal action taken against him; so far it's just business as usual!

3. Poor employment provisions: This issue contains two parties, employer and employees. The prime cause for employees going on strikes is either poor salary or extreme burdens seen in this strike and the teachers want the government to hire 28,000 teachers as full-time employees who currently serve as contract employees. The government previously promised to do so but-as usual-subsequently reneged citing lack of funds, while as the same time secretly planning to use the money set aside to hire full-time teachers to pay the taxes of MPs who adamantly refuse to pay taxes! This is manifest treachery of the employer against its employees. Similarly the government has often promised salary increments to teachers but then always break its promise; this is injustice that naturally causes teachers to go on strike virtually every year.

In summary, Hizb ut-Tahrir East Africa avows that Islam alone has focused and paid much attention to education in all aspects with the goal being to improve thinking ability in society and enable them to have a unique perspective. The Islamic state was the first in history to build universities in the world and as well as public education for the entire community free of charge. Education in Islam is not designed at enslaving people's minds for the benefit of the western capitalist as the case of modern education system today borrowed from the West with the objective of making people in the so-called ‘third world' to become cheap laborers for the west since they are made to believe that: "Everything western is superior and must be glorified and imitated"! Regarding the issue of proper employment rules, in Islam employees do not need to have workers unions since Islam already laid down their rights. Employers are legally responsible to agree specific and clear terms with employees on the nature of work to be done, hours of work etc and there is no way for either party to renege from the agreement once the contract is executed by the two parties. Regarding wages, Islam promised severe penalties for any employer who deprives his employee his salary and, in fact, insisted that the wage should be known prior to the worker beginning his work. Thus only Islam is manifestly capable at looking after the rights of teachers and workers in general. The Hizb hereby states clearly that once Islam is implemented comprehensively and practically in life through its government Khilafah "Caliphate", fiascos such as strikes, poor education and others will certainly not occur again.

Shabani Mwalimu
Media Representative
Hizb ut-Tahrir East Africa

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