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H.  24 Dhu al-Hijjah 1430 No:
M.  Thursday, 12 November 2009

Press Release

The West under the leadership of the USA started beating the drums of multi-party democracy at the beginning of the 1990s in Kenya claiming that multi-party democracy would liberate the masses from perpetual crises that they faced. The US added that the single-party system is the source of the problems facing Kenyans, thus the solution was to throw it away in favour of a new multi-party democratic system praised as the key pillar for political development and economic advancement.

In 1991, and after the US in particular applied extreme pressure upon the existing government, section 2A of the Kenyan constitution was repealed and Kenya changed to a multi-party political system. Despite the then president Moi and his henchmen who were experts in fattening themselves by looting public resources as well as protecting the strategic interests of the West in its ‘cold war'-particularly Britain-resisting that new system, in the end he was forced to submit to US pressure led by its ambassador Smith Hempstone. As for the masses, many-due to their naivete in not realising the cunning of the West nor the reality of its corrupted capitalist ideology-were enchanted by multi-party politics believing it to be their salvation for their miserable lives. Opposition politicians that were beguiled by the US and who supported the ‘solution' of multi-party democracy raised their voices to expose the government of the then-ruling party KANU calling it a dictatorship. Many Kenyans were attracted by opposition politicians and their propaganda believing them to be heroes who would deliver Kenyan from its never-ending crises starting from colonial times extending to single-party rule. The coming of multi-party democracy was deemed to be the ‘Second Liberation' to liberate people from dictatorship who would then, as they assumed, enjoy a new better life of dignity. However, what is the reality after Kenya has passed through four multi-party elections?

O People of Kenya! You assumed that the coming of multi-party democracy would deliver you from the poverty that shackles your daily lives, but have you not seen that your prediction was false since poverty has increased until it destroys all save a few capitalist who loot public resources by force? You thought that changing single-party rule for a coalition government in 2003 would uproot the deep-rooted problem of tribalism and endemic grand corruption, as well as the land problem. Yet how come those problems are still confronting you despite the formation of a ‘grand coalition government or government of national unity' in 2008 led by those same opposition politicians of yesteryear who claims that they were liberators who would ensure reforms and development? Were you not promised that a multi-party democratic government would fulfill your basis needs such as health, food, shelter, education and security as well as ensuring many employment opportunities? Were you not convinced that the dragon of corruption would be slain and the key looters imprisoned, yet today do you not see the increase of grand corruption scandals encompassing politicians of all parties without exception? Is it not clear that the government has failed to ensure basic services for the masses despite changing your rulers and the ruling party? Is it not a crying shame that when the country suffers drought and water scarcity leading to people dying of thirst and severe power rationing, the government argues that the cause is lack of water. Yet when the ‘El Nino' rains fall in abundance, still you suffer from lack of food, water and power rationing and the government claims the problem is too much water! As for the manifesto promise of abundant employment opportunities, today unemployment especially among youth is at an all-time high leading them to be recruited by dangerous militant groups such as ‘Mungiki'!

Is it not as clear as sunshine that your hopes in multi-party democracy have failed miserably? Is it not an open secret that every multi-party election is worse than the previous one until the December 2007 elections led to the loss of many lives, chaotic anarchy and tens of thousands of people to become internally displaced persons (IDPs) in their own country? Are the politicians of different parties not cut from the same cloth such that their first urgent business in parliament was to raise their salaries and allowances exorbitantly even while the country perished under civil strife, yet at the same time the government claims it has no funds to raise the salaries of teachers and civil servants as well as failing to guarantee your basic right to life itself?

O citizens of Kenya! There is no doubt that you are very angry. And why not since when you take your patients to public hospitals the only answer is ‘there are no medicines so go buy yourselves'. Most of you find it hard to get a morsel of food yet politicians are eating fantastic salaries and allowances! Many are starving in a country with stupendous resources, and at the same time you cannot sleep at night for fear of insecurity affecting your property, farms and livestock. Even worse, you are forced to pay a burden of taxes for the sake of politicians who defiantly refuse to pay any taxes! Every day you see a new commission formed squandering billions in public money under the pretext of fighting corruption, getting to the bottom of the Goldenberg Scandal, ensuring clean elections etc. Now you see the third commission charged with constitutional reform and you are promised that you will soon see a new constitution that will bring about a positive change despite their passing almost 20 years without your seeing a new constitution. If there ever were a competition in forming useless yet extravagantly expensive commissions, no doubt Kenya would win but for what use! The constitutional reform charade is the worst comedy since one day a politician announces his position while in opposition that there is an urgent need to reduce presidential powers then he reverses his stance the moment one of his tribesmen assumes the presidency then changes about-turn again when he fears a non-tribesman may assume power in the future!

Kenyan politicians are so cheap and contemptible, yet they are supposed to be the leaders of positive change? Not to mention that politicians, as usual, are already running around campaigning for 2012 elections while you have not recovered from the fatal wounds of the last election. These same politicians announce publicly day and night that they are taking care of your welfare and that once you elect them to power then all your problems would cease overnight, yet they are the captains of internal strife, fighting and corruption. As for western ambassadors who are led by the US ambassador, they run up and down the country advising, instructing and commanding changes related to government, economic, military policies etc in flagrant neo-colonisation more harmful than old-style colonisation. Are these the fruits of independence and the so-called ‘Second Liberation' for which you sacrificed your lives?!

No doubt you are tired of these problems. Your ears are close to exploding upon hearing the lies of politicians, and your eyes are exhausted witnessing blood being spilt for the interests of politicians. It is clear that you need something to deliver you radically and comprehensively. And self-evidently you require a new constitution that provides the true guidance to resolve these crises. Surely you need a better government that caters for the needs of all rather than working for a small elite. And, even more importantly, you need to adopt the correct ideology with comprehensive solutions for life far removed from the false capitalist ideology imposed upon you the west.

The advance scout of a people cannot lie to them. After much thought and examination the reality of the situation, Hizb ut-Tahrir East Africa has realized that the solution for your problems shall never be found in multi-party democracy nor in politicians enslaved to that system and the west as agents. Nor will it be found in governments that accept and implement the capitalist ideology that gave birth to democracy. The true reality of multi-party democracy is that it is a system imposed by the West with the objective of enslaving Kenya, Africa and the ‘third world' generally in order to loot its uncountable resources and gain its vital political, security, economic and geo-strategic interests in place of the old British colonial master. Thus it is to only natural for western countries to engage in a struggle for interests such that each western country finances a party or politicians to sing their tune like slaves. The two leading contenders, USA and Britain, cunningly hire politicians to gain their interest in a dangerous struggle that destroys the country being fought over such as happened to Kenya in the December 2007 elections. Your local politicians are nothing but western agents who work day and night to ensure their masters' interests first and foremost, then secondly to fill their stomachs as far as their masters allow them at your expense, O People! Thus grand corruption and shallow self-interest on the part of local politicians is an inevitable consequence of multi-party democracy.

The grand deception of democracy that beguiled many is its slogan that it liberates people to choose the leader they wish with the vain hope that such a leader will follow their wishes. Since benefit/interest is the criterion for action in the capitalist ideology, politicians indulge in dirty politics in their struggle for power so as to enrich themselves and their close relatives/friends using elections or even violence to achieve their aims since they believe the Machiavellian creed that: ‘The ends justify the means' and that: ‘Politics is a dirty game without rules'! During campaign time people are deceived by small bribes and false promises. Moreover a politician is ready to use any means to remove obstacles including inciting tribal war, civil strife, intimidation, bribes etc not only in Africa but throughout the ‘third world'. The true reality of democratic politicians is that they cater only for their interests and the interests of their masters while oppressing the masses. Similarly such politicians are not expected to unify the people for development but rather to divide them and lead them to ruin since they are the leaders to destruction rather than guides to progress!

As for the call for a new and conducive constitution, it is true that humanity needs guidance to lead it. However, do you realise that a constitution devised by man is not capable of solving your problems? Democracy argues that a human being has the right to legislate laws and systems to guide himself in life, a concept that resulted from the secular creed that arose in Europe leading to the separation between religion and life i.e. man to guide himself based upon his thoughts arising from his limited mind. This creed prohibited religion governing life in general, rather it said that religion must remain a personal relationship between the believer and his deity alone. This creed contradicts man's nature in his capacity as a creature dependent upon his Creator to guide him via the Creator's Comprehensive Law that resolves all of life's problems. As long as man is a weak, limited and needy creature, imperfect and dependent, not aware of all requisite knowledge, subject to disparity and biases, inevitably influenced by his environment, and one whose opinions change one day form the next, this means that man cannot guide himself but is rather dependent on guidance from another not subject to such limitations.  

O creatures of the Creator! Surely you were brought to earth to worship and serve your Creator by following His Guidance and Law revealed to His Prophets rather than ideologies devised by fellow men. Worshipping the Creator means governing your lives in accordance with systems governing gender relations, economy, politics, judiciary etc in strict compliance with the comprehensive Law revealed by your Creator, laws that are not subject to time-limitation nor do they oppress anyone unlike manmade laws. Thus any government established upon ideologies devised by imperfect men will inevitably fail to resolve your problems as you witness today with your own eyes with respect to democratic governments after the collapse of the communist governments for the same reason. The government that will truly solve your problems must be independent politically, economically and intellectually; something that is impossible for governments in the ‘third world' that are tied with and subservient to the westerd ideology

O People of Intellect! We pose these important questions: Are you not yet tired of multi-party democracy that in reality is a return to colonial slavery? Have you not seen that the US and the EU have enslaved you until they devise the reigning policies in all spheres of life until they have reached the point of threatening to take some of your politicians to the International Criminal Court at the Hague despite the fact that all evils committed by these politicians was in imitation of, and service to, the West? Not to mention that the leaders of the US and UK are the biggest war criminals perpetrating open atrocities across the world in pursuit of their interests, yet no one dares to take them to the Hague for trial! Do you not also see that accepting a manmade constitution means rejecting your Creator as if He is unable to reveal a true ideology for mankind despite the fact that man depends upon Him every second even for his very breath? And do you not realize that binding yourself to the capitalist ideology and its democratic system devised by man guarantees for you a painful torment first in this world due to the misery surrounding you followed by the punishment of your Creator in the Hereafter? Have you not repeatedly changed your MPs and rulers, president and even ruling parties without success but rather you continue to perish under the capitalist ideology? Have you not sacrificed everything for the sake of multi-party democracy even reaching the point of burning your country by your hands for the interest of the politicians who incited you, then they abandoned you to kill each other while they join hands in a coalition government via which they eat enormous salaries while ignoring your plight in IDP camps? Therefore the Islamic party of Hizb ut-Tahrir East Africa takes the stance that the Islamic ideology alone is the guidance that can lead mankind to a noble life under its government, the Khilafah "Caliphate" (Caliphate), that is expected to be established soon in a major Muslim country elsewhere even though the US and the West fight Islam fearing Islam's proven potential to liberate the world from the evils of the capitalist ideology and its corrupt democratic system. We do not carry weapons nor will we force our views upon you, for that is contrary to the Islamic method of revival. Rather we address your intellects to reflect upon the truth of all that we have said and to debate a new way forward based upon evidence and rational proofs. We are always ready to clarify all that we say so that all of us are guided to that which is better for us in this life and the Hereafter, for this is a noble duty imposed upon us by our Lord. Thus we urge you to liberate yourself from the painful torment of the capitalist ideology and its corrupt multi-party democratic system by turning to Islam, the divinely-revealed ideology with solutions for all of your problems.

[الْيَوْمَ أَكْمَلْتُ لَكُمْ دِينَكُمْ وَأَتْمَمْتُ عَلَيْكُمْ نِعْمَتِي وَرَضِيتُ لَكُمْ الإِسْلاَمَ دِينًا]

 "This day I have completed your deen (way of life/ideology), perfected My Favour upon you, and chosen Islam as your way of life" [TMQ 5:3]

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