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H.  7 Rajab 1432 No: 15/1431
M.  Thursday, 09 June 2011

Press Release

Yesterday the 2010/2011 budget was read with the highest ever estimates amounting to expenditure of Kenya Shillings (Ksh.) 1.155 trillion and revenue of Ksh. 787 billion. The budget deficit amounted to Ksh. 236.4 billion. At the same time, it was claimed that during the last financial year the economic growth rate was 5.6%. Different economic sectors were supposedly favored with increased expenditure that was claimed to prove the government's intention to eradicate poverty and foster development. Hizb ut-Tahrir East Africa, the well known political party, clearly states that reading of the budget was nothing more than political sophistry meant to delude a public that continues to suffer severe afflictions including starvation, disease and a collapsing public education system. The Hizb announces that the government will never solve the endemic economic crisis affecting the masses since the government continues to faithfully bind itself to a corrupt capitalist economic model initially brought by the colonialists. We know full well that the Ksh. 1.155 trillion budgets will be a millstone on the neck of the common man who pays 90% of public revenues. Already the government has a debt burden of Ksh. 1,377.07 billion based upon domestic and external borrowing that indicates an imminent budgetary crisis similar to that which afflicted the bankrupt Greek economy. We are also well aware that it is none but the common man that will be milked beyond imagination to pay these outstanding unproductive loans that are used only to fill the stomachs of prominent politicians! How shameful for any government that claims to be sovereign to fail to fulfill its citizens' basic needs except via harmful usurious loans. Most of these loans come from the western colonial powers particularly USA and Britain as a vicious means to force the government to be subservient and bind itself to the corrupt capitalist economic model. Hizb ut-Tahrir persists in its noble duty to inform the Kenyan masses not to expect any economic improvement based upon the reading of budgets as long as Kenya has bound itself to the western nations and their colonialist economic model. The true solution lies in uprooting this corrupt capitalist model and replacing it with the Islamic ideological economic model that will be implemented by the Islamic State, Khilafah "Caliphate". The Khilafah "Caliphate" will not waste time in the public relations exercise of reading budgets since its revenues and expenditures are divinely revealed and set in stone. It will not impose taxes on people's salaries (PAYE) or normal income (income tax); rather it has its specific sources of public revenue including natural resources e.g. mineral resources to meet the needs of citizens without harming the common man. Everyone will witness justice and equity, and the Khilafah "Caliphate" shall chase away western multinationals that today occupy our lands and loot public resources so that public wealth shall be utilized to meet everyone's needs without discrimination. This Khilafah "Caliphate" shall soon be established in a suitable major Islamic country and spread worldwide so as to liberate the world's population from excessive tyranny and endemic poverty by Allah Ta'ala's command.

Shaban Mwalimu
Media Representative
Hizb ut-Tahrir East Africa

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