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H.  3 Jumada II 1443 No: 1443 / 01
M.  Thursday, 06 January 2022

Press Release
Kyrgyzstan Escalates its Fight against Islam under the Pretext of “Extremism”

In 2021, a new constitution was adopted in Kyrgyzstan. Since then, efforts have been made to align laws with the new constitution. Within the framework of this work, the Ministry of Interior issued a law “on combating extremist activities,” and presented the draft law for public discussion from 29/12/2021 to 28/1/2022.

It is known that the colonial Kuffar disguise their fight against Islam under the guise of "extremism". In Islamic countries, their agents carry out the plots of the Kuffar by adopting and implementing such laws. It is clear from the above draft law that the government intends to issue this law to satisfy its kaffir masters.

For example, the bill contains the following texts:

Article 1 - Legal basis for combating extremist activity

The legal basis for combating extremist activity is the universally recognized principles and rules of international law, as well as international treaties.

Article 5 - International Cooperation in Combating Extremism

Governmental bodies of the Kyrgyz Republic cooperate with Human Rights organisations of foreign countries on the basis of international agreements of the Kyrgyz Republic, as well as international organizations.

It is no secret to anyone that international law, international organizations and international treaties are a rope that the colonial kuffar have wrapped around the neck of our country.

Indeed, this anti-Islamic law was not issued all at once in Kyrgyzstan, but rather it is a continuation of previous laws in the most complete form. The current bill differs from its predecessors in the following three points:

1- The current government of Kyrgyzstan is trying to bring this bill into line with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Convention on Combating Extremism. This means that it will follow Russia and China in the "fight against extremism". In other words, the officials imitate the strict measures taken by Russia and China in fighting Islam and Muslims and appease with them their kaffir masters.

2- Extending the classification of "extremism" to include "secular" competitors to the government to pressure them because the Shanghai Cooperation Organization's definition of extremism allows it. That is why the pro-West opposition groups has been holding a roundtable discussion for two years in Bishkek with international experts on "Human Rights in Combating Extremism". In doing so, the pro-Western opposition groups are trying to protect themselves from accusations of extremism. However, if the law goes into effect, the actions of the pro-West groups will not help them. Because before this law was passed, the government began accusing some members of the opposition of extremism. It should be noted that at one time secularists rejoiced when sincere Muslims were accused of extremism and severely punished. Now the accusation of extremism has reached them.

3- So far, 21 religious organizations have been banned from activity in Kyrgyzstan and their members have been subjected to various penalties. This law now targets "moderate Islamists" whose activity has not been banned before, as it was stated in a statement issued by the Ministry of the Interior: "The subversive activities of religious organizations and some citizens are being practiced in Kyrgyzstan under the guise of charitable, educational or other work of social importance. Although there are no signs of extremism and violence at a certain stage, they threaten the lives of citizens, society and the whole country." This statement means that - when the time comes - the Salafi charitable institutions and the Tablighi Jamaat will be banned. Even from Gülenists.

In fact, these measures began before the law was passed. Candidates have been banned from using religious language in previous parliamentary elections. Candidates who identified themselves as "moderate Islam" participated in the elections without one of them saying a single word about Islam. (They remained silent about this ban, so how can they serve the Deen in the face of the ban after reaching Parliament?). In contrast, the doors are open to "preachers" who discuss Islam from the Western philosophy perspective. For example, some of them said the previous day, “The celebration of New Year’s Eve is not only permissible, but obligatory,”

These are the main points of this law. It is clear that the Kyrgyz government intends to intensify its fight against our Deen. In addition, this goal is reflected in the newly adopted religious concept and the updated criminal law on “extremism”.

But all this, Allah willing, will fail; because the ideological and political gap in Kyrgyzstan is deepening, as in the world and in the region. Islam will fill this ideological gap, and the politically aware Muslims will fill the political gap, Allah willing, and the plots of the colonial kuffar and their agents will turn against them.

Allah (swt) says:

[وَيَمْكُرُونَ وَيَمْكُرُ اللَّهُ وَاللَّهُ خَيْرُ الْمَاكِرِينَ]

But they plan, and Allah plans. And Allah is the best of planners [Al-Anfal: 30].

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