Monday, 18 Dhu al-Hijjah 1445 | 2024/06/24
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H.  8 Dhu al-Qi'dah 1445 No: H.T.L 1445 / 16
M.  Thursday, 16 May 2024

 Press Release
Sit-In: The Displaced Are Our Brothers!
We Will Continue Despite All the Pressure Campaigns!

Based on what is being circulated on social media regarding the ban of the sit-in by Hizb ut Tahrir in Wilayah Lebanon, which was officially announced by the party’s well-known platforms and media, regarding our displaced brothers and refugees, it is reported that it is banned by the Governor of the North, Ramzi Nahra, under the pretext of the presence of a counter-demonstration from an unknown party, which does not even exist in the city of Tripoli and among its people, and publishes statements from unknown sources.

Accordingly, Hizb ut Tahrir / Wilayah Lebanon - if the statement banning the demonstration published on social media is true - would like to confirm the following:

1- The Hizb will continue its declared activity, according to what was announced, starting from the Grand Mansouri Mosque towards the sit-in in front of the Grand Serail (Government Palace), after tomorrow’s Jummah prayer,17/5/2024.

2- The most prominent aspect known about the Hizb - even among the security agencies that have accompanied the party’s marches and gatherings throughout Lebanon for years - is the complete discipline and peacefulness of its demonstrations and gatherings, and that the party takes demonstrations, sit-ins and conferences as methods to communicate its opinion and ideas. There is nothing other than what is usual in demonstrations and others.

3- The Hizb holds the authority and its agencies responsible for securing the sit-in march - in fulfillment of its assigned duty, which the party has known for years - from the Grand Mosque all the way to the Grand Serail.

4- The Hizb is part of the fabric of Muslims in Lebanon in general and Tripoli in particular. It adopts the interests of Muslims, as Muslims and nothing else, and not as Lebanese, Syrians, Palestinians, or others, and it adopts legitimate actions, methods, and means by which it communicates its idea clearly, through thought and word, so that its ideas become public opinion among Muslims, based on general awareness.

5- We call on the people of Tripoli of Ash-Sham to participate extensively in this work, to show the true face of Tripoli, which embraces the displaced people of Syria in Lebanon, and to confirm the city’s uniformity in the face of suspicious calls coming from outside the city and its natural fabric.

Hizb ut Tahrir, in the face of unknown suspicious calls, reminds you of the words of Allah (swt):

[مَثَلُ الْفَرِيقَيْنِ كَالأَعْمَى وَالأَصَمِّ وَالْبَصِيرِ وَالسَّمِيعِ هَلْ يَسْتَوِيَانِ مَثَلاً أَفَلاَ تَذَكَّرُونَ]

“The example of the two parties is like the blind and deaf, and the seeing and hearing. Are they equal in comparison? Then, will you not remember?” [Hud: 24].

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